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Akka.net alternatives and similar packages

Based on the "Distributed Computing" category

  • Orleankka

    Orleankka is a functional API for Microsoft Orleans framework. It is highly suitable for scenarios where having composable, uniform communication interface is preferable, such as: CQRS, event-sourcing, re-routing, FSM, etc. Additional API avaiable for F# called Orleankka.FSharp.
  • IdGen

    Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net
  • MBrace

    Integrated Data Scripting for the Cloud
  • Zebus

    Zebus is a lightweight, higlhy versatile, peer to peer service bus, built with CQRS principles in mind. It allows applications to communicate with each other in a fast and easy manner. Most of the complexity is hidden in the library and you can focus on writing code that matters to you, not debugging messaging code. A very fundamental base for any distributed application.
  • FsShelter

    F# library for authoring Apache Storm components and topologies. Offering high-level abstractions for distributed and fault-tolerant event stream processing.
  • .NEXT Raft

    Raft implementation for .NET and ASP.NET Core that allows to build clustered microservices powered by distributed consensus and replication

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