AutoClutch is a tool for getting data. A few years ago I created a much larger much more complicated generic repository for use in the enterprise. While it worked well in .NET 3.5 and Entity Framework 4 adding on more features and extending it to work with the newest versions of .NET and Entity Framework became a laborious task. I decided to create a simple repository with the knowledge I had. The idea was to target the repository for the most current versions of .NET and Entity Framework. With no restrictions on backwards compatibility the idea was to create this simple repository and then add on top of it over time other libraries that would give me the functionality I need (i.e. Auditing, Item Tracking, etc.,). I believed a simple core was the right place to start.

Code Quality Rank: L2
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Programming language: C#
Tags: Repository     ORM     SqlServer     Micro-orm     POCO     DAL    

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