Azure PowerShell v7.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2022-01-01 // 25 days ago
  • Az.Accounts

    • πŸ— Copied 'ServicePrincipalSecret' and 'CertificatePassword' from Az.Accounts buildin profile to customer set profile. [#16617]
    • ⚑️ Updated help message and help markdown for parameter 'Tenant' of the cmdlet 'Set-AzContext'. [#16515]
    • πŸ›  Fixed the issue that Azure PowerShell could not work in a workflow. [#16408]
    • πŸ›  Fixed the doubled Api Version in the URI of the underlying request issued by 'Invoke-AzRestMethod'. [#16615]


    • βž• Added support of 'load balancer' and 'api server access' in 'New-AzAksCluster' and 'Set-AzAksCluster'. [#16575]


    • ⏱ 'New-AzAutomationSchedule' allows defnining StartTime with offsets.
    • ⚑️ Fixed bug: updated 'Set-AzAutomationModule' to use PUT call while updating modules with specific versions [#12552]


    • ⚑️ Updated PowerShell to use 2021-10-01 version.
    • βž• Added CommitmentTier and CommitmentPlan cmdlets.
    • βž• Added Deployment cmdlets.
    • βž• Added 'New-AzCognitiveServicesObject' cmdlet for generating CommitmentPlan/Deployment objects.


    • ⚑️ Updated 'UserData' parameter in VM and VMSS cmdlets to pipe by the Property Name to ensure piping scenarios occur correctly.
    • πŸ”„ Changed 'New-AzVM' cmdlet when using the SimpleParameterSet to not create a 'PublicIPAddress' when a 'PublicIPAddress' name is not provided.
    • βž• Added 'PlatformFaultDomain' parameter to cmdlets: 'New-AzVM' and 'New-AzVMConfig'
    • βž• Added '-Feature' parameter for 'New-AzGalleryImageDefinition'
    • βž• Added 'DiffDiskPlacement' string parameter to 'Set-AzVmOSDisk' and 'Set-AzVmssStorageProfile' cmdlets.


    • πŸ”¦ Exposed BackupPolicyMigrationState as a part of Get-AzCosmosDBAccount response.
      • This shew the status of a backup policy migration state when an account was being converted from peroidic backup mode to continuous.


    • ⚑️ Updated ADF .Net SDK version to 5.0.0


    • βœ‚ Removed preview from the PowerShell 7.0 stack on Linux


    • βž• Added cmdlets: 'Invoke-AzKeyVaultKeyRotation', 'Get-AzKeyVaultKeyRotationPolicy' and 'Set-AzKeyVaultKeyRotationPolicy'


    • General availability of Az.MySql


    • πŸ‘‰ Used case-insensitive comparison for ResourceId (Set/New-NetworkWatcherFlowLog)
    • βž• Added new properties 'ApplicationSecurityGroup', 'IpConfiguration' and 'CustomNetworkInterfaceName' for Private Endpoint cmdlets
      • 'Get-AzPrivateEndpoint'
      • 'New-AzPrivateEndpoint'
    • βž• Added new cmdlet to create new 'IpConfiguration' object for building Private Endpoint
      • 'New-AzPrivateEndpointIpConfiguration'
    • βž• Added OrdinalIgnoreCase for string comparison of 'ResourceIdentifier' type for FlowLog cmdlets
    • πŸ›  Fixed typo in error message of 'InvalidWorkspaceResourceId'


    • General availability of Az.PostgreSql


    • βž• Added 'IdentityType' and 'UserAssignedIdentity' parameter in 'New-AzRedisCache' and 'Set-AzRedisCache' cmdlets.
      • It is used to assign and modify the Identity of Azure Cache for Redis.

    🚚 Az.ResourceMover

    • βž• Added support for Tags in azure resource mover
    • βž• Added support for SystemData in azure resource mover
    • πŸš€ Released 2021-08-01 api-version


    • πŸ›  Fixed incorrect alias for 'Get-AzADSpCredential' [#16592]
    • πŸ›  Fixed 'ServicePrincipalName' and 'InputObject' parameters for 'Update-AzADServicePrincipal' [#16620]
    • πŸ›  Fixed example for 'New-AzADAppCredential' [#16682]
    • βž• Added parameter 'Web' for 'New-AzADApplication' [#16659]
    • βž• Added secret text in response of 'New-AzADApplication' and 'New-AzADServicePrincipal' [#16659]
    • πŸš€ Deserialized the 'Value' in 'DeploymentVariable' as object array if its type is Array [#16523]
    • πŸ›  Fixed the usage of 'SignInName' in 'New-AzRoleAssignment' [#16627]
    • πŸš€ Formatted the output format of 'DeploymentVariable'
    • βœ‚ Remove 'isUser' operation filter from GetAzureProviderOperation Cmdlet

    🚦 Az.SignalR

    • πŸ›  Fixed the bug of 'Update-AzSignalR' cmdlet that resets the resource states by mistake.


    • βž• Added 'ZoneRedundant' parameter to 'New-AzSqlDatabaseCopy', 'New-AzSqlDatabaseSecondary' and 'Restore-AzSqlDatabase' to enable zone redundant copy, geo secondary and PITR support for hyperscale databases


    • πŸ›  Fixed the failure of sync copy blob with long destination blob name [#16628]
      • 'Copy-AzStorageBlob'


    • General availability of Az.Synapse
    • Migrated Azure AD features in Az.Synapse to MSGraph APIs. The cmdlets below called MSGraph API according to input parameters:
      • 'New-AzSynapseRoleAssignment' cmdlet
      • 'Get-AzSynapseRoleAssignment' cmdlet
      • 'Remove-AzSynapseRoleAssignment' cmdlet
      • 'Set-AzSynapseSqlActiveDirectoryAdministrator' cmdlet
    • βž• Added a default value for [-AutoPauseDelayInMinute] parameter of command 'New-AzSynapseSparkpool' and 'Update-AzSynapseSparkpool'

    Thanks to our community contributors

    • ⚑️ @adishiritwick, Updated Set-AzAutomationModule to use PUT call while updating modules with specific versions (#16505)
    • ⚑️ @anuraj, Update the New-AzWebAppCertificate (#16634)
    • ⚑️ @BrajaMS, Updated the example command with NodeType param (#16670)
    • @geologyrocks, Principal typo (was princial) (#16699)
    • Hen Itzhaki (@HenItzhaki), Added more example (#16424)
    • Chris (@isjwuk), Formatting improvement (#15826)
    • Jaromir Kaspar (@jaromirk), Added example for password credentials (#16600)
    • ⚑️ Martin Falkus (@mfalkus), Fix a typo in Update Az-Tags doc where "Repalces" was specified instead of "Replaces" (#16541)
    • Radoslav Gatev (@RadoslavGatev), [Az.Accounts] Fix the doubled Api Version in Uri of the request issued by Invoke-AzRestMethod (#16616)
    • @Skuldo, Typo fix (#16585)
    • ⚑️ Sujit Singh (@sujitks), Update (#16583)
    • β†ͺ @trudolf-msft, new example 4/workaround (#16437)

Previous changes from v7.0.0

  • Az.Accounts

    • βœ‚ Removed 'ServicePrincipalSecret' and 'CertificatePassword' in 'PSAzureRmAccount' [#15427]
    • βž• Added optional parameter 'MicrosoftGraphAccessToken' to 'Connect-AzAccount'
    • βž• Added optional parameters 'MicrosoftGraphEndpointResourceId', 'MicrosoftGraphUrl' to 'Add-AzEnvironment' and 'Set-AzEnvironment'
    • βž• Added '-AccountId' property to 'UserWithSubscriptionId' parameter set of 'Connect-AzAccount' which allows a user name to be pre-selected for interactive logins
    • βž• Added '-Uri' and '-ResourceId' to 'Invoke-AzRestMethod'
    • βž• Added Environment auto completer to the following cmdlets: Connect-AzAccount, Get-AzEnvironment, Set-AzEnvironment, and Remove-AzEnvironment [#15991]
    • βž• Added module name and version to User-Agent string [#16291]


    • πŸ›  Fixed the issue that 'Az.Advisor.psd1' was not signed [#16226]


    • ⚑️ [Breaking Change] Updated parameter alias and output type of 'Get-AzAksVersion'
    • βž• Added 'Invoke-AzAksRunCommand' to support running a shell command (with kubectl, helm) on aks cluster. [#16104]
    • βž• Added support of 'EnableNodePublicIp' and 'NodePublicIPPrefixID' for 'New-AzAksCluster' and 'New-AzAksNodePool'. [#15656]
    • Migrated the logic of creating service principal in 'New-AzAksCluster' from 'Azure Active Directory Graph' to 'Microsoft Graph'.
    • πŸ›  Fixed the issue that 'Set-AzAksCluster' can't upgrade cluster when node pool version doesn't match cluster version. [#14583]
    • βž• Added 'ResourceGroupName' in 'PSKubernetesCluster'. [#15802]


    • βž• Added WebTest function. Below is the new cmdlet
      • 'Get-AzApplicationInsightsWebTest'
      • 'New-AzApplicationInsightsWebTest'
      • 'New-AzApplicationInsightsWebTestGeolocationObject'
      • 'New-AzApplicationInsightsWebTestHeaderFieldObject'
      • 'Remove-AzApplicationInsightsWebTest'
      • 'Update-AzApplicationInsightsWebTestTag'


    • πŸ›  Fixed example in reference doc for 'Remove-AzAutomationHybridWorkerGroup'
    • ⚑️ Updated 'Set-AzAutomationModule' to use PUT call while updating modules with specific versions [#12552]


    • General availability of 'Az.CloudService' module


    • ⚑️ Contains updates to the following powershell cmdlets
      • 'SetAzVmssDiskEncryptionExtension' : Added extension parameters for the cmdlet to work with test extensions and parameter 'EncryptFormatAll' for Virtual Machine Scale Sets
      • 'GetAzVmssVMDiskEncryptionStatus' : Modified the functionality of the cmdlet to properly display the encryption status of data disks of Virtual Machine Scale Sets
      • 'SetAzDiskEncryptionExtension' : Fixed a bug in the cmdlet in the migrate scenario from 2pass to 1pass encryption
    • βž• Added 'Add-AzVhd' to convert VHD using Hyper-V
    • βž• Added 'UserData' parameter to VM and VMSS cmdlets
    • βž• Added string parameter 'PublicNetworkAccess' to DiskConfig and SnapshotConfig cmdlets
    • βž• Added boolean parameter 'AcceleratedNetwork' to DiskConfig and SnapshotConfig cmdlets
    • βž• Added 'CompletionPercent' property to the PSSnapshot model so it is visible to the user.


    • ⬆️ Upgraded API version to 2021-09-01
      • [Breaking Change] Changed the type of parameter 'LogAnalyticWorkspaceResourceId' in 'New-AzContainerGroup' from Hashtable to String
      • [Breaking Change] Removed parameter 'NetworkProfileId' in 'New-AzContainerGroup', added 'SubnetId' as its alternative
      • [Breaking Change] Removed parameter 'ReadinessProbeHttpGetHttpHeadersName' and 'ReadinessProbeHttpGetHttpHeadersValue' in 'New-AzContainerInstanceObject', added 'ReadinessProbeHttpGetHttpHeader' as their alternative
      • [Breaking Change] Removed parameter 'LivenessProbeHttpGetHttpHeadersName' and 'LivenessProbeHttpGetHttpHeadersValue' in 'New-AzContainerInstanceObject', added 'LivenessProbeHttpGetHttpHeader' as their alternative
      • Added 'Zone' in 'New-AzContainerGroup', 'AcrIdentity' in 'New-AzContainerGroupImageRegistryCredentialObject'
      • Changed 'Username' in 'New-AzContainerGroupImageRegistryCredentialObject' from mandatory to optional
    • For 'Invoke-AzContainerInstanceCommand'
      • [Breaking Change] Displayed command execution result as the cmdlet output by connecting websocket in backend [#15754]
      • Added '-PassThru' to get last execution result when the command succeeds
      • Changed 'TerminalSizeCol' and 'TerminalSizeRow' from mandatory to optional, set their default values by current PowerShell window size
    • βž• Added 'Restart-AzContainerGroup', 'Get-AzContainerInstanceContainerGroupOutboundNetworkDependencyEndpoint' and 'New-AzContainerInstanceHttpHeaderObject'


    • πŸ›  Fixed when a warning about the value of AnalyticalStorageSchemaType is displayed when no value was given.
    • βž• Added support for managed Cassandra.


    • ⚑️ Updated ADF .Net SDK version to 4.28.0


    • πŸ›  Fixed the issue that 'New-AzEventHubKey' always generates a new primary key instead of a secondary key since version 1.9.0 [#16362]


    • ⚑️ [Breaking change] 'Update-AzFunctionAppPlan' prompts for confirmation [#16490]
    • 🚚 [Breaking change] 'Remove-AzFunctionApp' does not delete ASP if it is the last app in the plan [#16487]
    • [Breaking change] Set the 'FunctionsVersion' to 4 for FunctionApp creation [#16426]
    • ⚑️ [Breaking change] 'Update-AzFunctionApp' prompts for confirmation [#14442]
    • πŸ›  Fixed an error creating function with 'New-AzFunctionApp' on PowerShell 5.1 [#15430]
    • πŸ‘Œ Supported storage account SKU 'Standard_GZRS' [#14633]


    • βž• Added two parameters '-Zone' and '-PrivateLinkConfiguration' to cmdlet 'New-AzHDInsightCluster'
      • Added parameter '-Zone' to cmdlet 'New-AzHDInsightCluster' to support to create cluster with availability zones feature
      • Added parameter '-PrivateLinkConfiguration' to cmdlet 'New-AzHDInsightCluster' to support to add private link configuration when creating cluster with private link feature.
    • βž• Added cmdlet New-AzHDInsightIPConfiguration to create ip configuration object in memory.
    • βž• Added cmdlet New-AzHDInsightPrivateLinkConfiguration to create private link configuration object in memory.
    • πŸ›  Fixed the output type in help doc of Set-AzHDInsightClusterDiskEncryptionKey cmdlet from 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight.Models.Cluster' to 'Microsoft.Azure.Commands.HDInsight.Models.AzureHDInsightCluster' to keep consistent with the real type of returned object.
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking change:
      • Changed the type of parameter 'OSType' from 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight.Models.OSType' to 'System.string' in cmdlet 'New-AzHDInsightCluster'.
      • Changed the type of parameter 'ClusterTier' from 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight.Models.ClusterTier' to 'System.string' in cmdlets 'New-AzHDInsightCluster' and 'New-AzHDInsightClusterConfig'.
      • Changed the type of property 'VmSizes' in class 'AzureHDInsightCapabilities' from 'IDictionary' to 'IList'.
      • Changed the type of property 'AssignedIdentity' in class 'AzureHDInsightCluster' from 'Microsoft.Azure.Management.HDInsight.Models.ClusterIdentity' to 'Microsoft.Azure.Commands.HDInsight.Models.AzureHDInsightClusterIdentity'.


    • [Breaking Change] Renamed properties of 'PSKeyVaultPermission' type to follow the pattern of Azure RBAC.
    • Migrated AAD Graph API to MSGraph API.
    • βž• Added a message to 'Set-AzKeyVaultAccessPolicy' stating that for the Permissions parameters, using the 'All' option will not include the 'Purge' permission.


    • ⚑️ [Breaking Change] Updated API version to 2020-02-01-preview


    • βž• Added new properties EventName, Category, ResourceProviderName, OperationName, Status, SubStatus with type string as output for command Get-AzLog [#15833]
    • πŸ‘Œ Supported event hub receiver in action group [#16348]
    • βž• Added default parameter set 'GetByResourceGroup' for the command 'Get-AzAlertRule' [#16356]


    • πŸ›  Bugfix in PSAzureFirewallPolicyThreatIntelWhitelist for FirewallPolicy
    • βž• Added optional parameter '-IsSecuritySite' to the following cmdlet:
      • 'New-AzVpnSite'
    • βž• Added support for new Match Variables in WAF Exclusions
    • Onboard Virtual Network Encryption to Virtual Network Cmdlets
    • βž• Added support for NAT port range parameters in VPN NAT rule resources
      • ''
      • ''
      • ''
      • ''
    • βž• Added new cmdlets to support Per Rule Exclusions for Application Gateway WAF
      • 'New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyExclusionManagedRuleSet'
      • 'New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyExclusionManagedRuleGroup'
      • 'New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyExclusionManagedRule'
      • Also updated cmdlet to add the property for configuring ExclusionManagedRuleSet within Exclusions
        • 'New-AzApplicationGatewayFirewallPolicyExclusion'
    • πŸ› Bug Fix in Application Gateway Trusted Client Certificate cmdlets to load the entire cert chain from file.


    • Expanded DataSourceType with values 'Query', 'Alerts' for LinkedStorageAccount cmdlets
    • [Breaking Change] rename 'StorageAccountId' to 'StorageAccountIds'
      • 'New-AzOperationalInsightsLinkedStorageAccount'
    • πŸ’» [Breaking Change] Returns 'PSSavedSearch' instead of 'HttpStatusCode' by 'New-AzOperationalInsightsComputerGroup'
    • ⚑️ [Breaking Change] Returns 'PSCluster' instead of 'PSLinkedService' by 'Update-AzOperationalInsightsCluster'
    • Expanded Sku with values 'capacityreservation', 'lacluster' for Workspace
    • βž• Added new properties:'SkuCapacity', 'ForceCmkForQuery', 'DisableLocalAuth' for Workspace
    • βž• Added new property: 'DailyQuotaGb'on'Set-AzOperationalInsightsWorkspace'
    • βž• Added new properties: 'ETag', 'Tag' for StorageInsight cmdlets
    • βž• Added new property 'StorageAccountResourceId' to cmdlet:
      • 'Set-AzOperationalInsightsStorageInsight'
    • βž• Added SupportsShouldProcess attribute to cmdlet:
      • 'Set-AzOperationalInsightsStorageInsight'
    • βž• Added new cmdlets to support Table, DataExport, WorkspaceShareKey, PurgeWorkspace, and AvailableServiceTier
    • βž• Added 'Error' property in the result of the 'Invoke-AzOperationalInsightsQuery' to retrieve partial error when running a query [#16378]


    • ⚑️ Azure Backup updated validate sets for supported BackupManagementType in 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupItem', 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupContainer', Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupJob cmdlets.
    • πŸ‘ Azure Backup added support for SAPHanaDatabase for 'Disable-AzRecoveryServicesBackupProtection', 'Unregister-AzRecoveryServicesBackupContainer', 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupItem', 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupContainer' cmdlets.
    • πŸ’₯ Breaking Change: 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupJob', 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupContainer' and 'Get-AzRecoveryServicesBackupItem' commands will only support 'BackupManagementType MAB' instead of 'MARS'.
    • πŸ‘ Azure Site Recovery support for capacity reservation for Azure to Azure provider.


    • βž• Added 'Get-AzProviderPreviewFeature', 'Register-AzProviderPreviewFeature' and 'Unregister-AzProviderPreviewFeature' cmdlets.
    • πŸ›  Fixed a bug when running Get-AzPolicyAlias with empty value of NamespaceMatch parameter [#16370]
    • [Breaking change] Migrated from AAD Graph to Microsoft Graph
    • [Breaking change] Changed the returned 'Id' in PSDenyAssignment from GUID string to fully qualified ID
    • πŸ‘ Allowed parameter 'Id' in 'Get-AzDenyAssignment' to accept fully qualified ID
    • βž• Added new cmdlet 'Publish-AzBicepModule' for publishing Bicep modules
    • βž• Added deprecation message for 'AssignIdentity' parameter in '*-AzPolicyAssignment' cmdlets.
    • βž• Added support for user assigned managed identities in policy assignments by adding 'IdentityType' and 'IdentityId' parameters to '*-AzPolicyAssignment' cmdlets.
    • ⚑️ Updated policy cmdlets to use new api version 2021-06-01 that introduces support for user assigned managed identities in policy assignments.
    • Narrowed API permission when get information about active directory object for *-AzRoleAssignment [#16054]


    • πŸ›  Fixed FirewallRuleName wildcard filtering in 'Get-AzSqlServerFirewallRule' [#16199]
    • 🚚 Moved SQL Server and SQL Instance AAD from ActiveDirectoryClient to MicrosoftGraphClient


    • Promoted Az.StackHCI to GA


    • πŸ›  Fixed the failure of 'Get-AzStorageContainerStoredAccessPolicy' when permission is null [#15644]
    • πŸ‘Œ Supported create blob service Sas token or account Sas token with permission i
      • 'New-AzStorageBlobSASToken'
      • 'New-AzStorageContainerSASToken'
      • 'New-AzStorageAccountSASToken'
    • πŸ›  Fixed creating container SAS token failed from an access policy without expire time, and set SAS token expire time [#16266]
      • 'New-AzStorageContainerSASToken'
    • βœ‚ Removed parameter -Name from Get-AzRmStorageShare ShareResourceIdParameterSet
      • 'Get-AzRmStorageShare'
    • πŸ‘Œ Supported create or migrate container to enable immutable Storage with versioning.
      • 'New-AzRmStorageContainer'
      • 'Invoke-AzRmStorageContainerImmutableStorageWithVersioningMigration'
    • πŸ‘Œ Supported set/remove immutability policy on a Storage blob.
      • 'Set-AzStorageBlobImmutabilityPolicy'
      • 'Remove-AzStorageBlobImmutabilityPolicy'
    • πŸ‘Œ Supported enable/disable legal hold on a Storage blob.
      • 'Set-AzStorageBlobLegalHold'
    • πŸ‘Œ Supported create storage account with enable account level immutability with versioning, and create/update storage account with account level immutability policy.
      • 'New-AzStorageAccount'
      • 'Set-AzStorageAccount'


    • ⚑️ Updated the Microsoft.Azure.Management.Websites SDK to 3.1.2

    Thanks to our community contributors

    • Hiroshi Yoshioka (@hyoshioka0128), Fix typo "Azure CosmosDB"β†’"Azure Cosmos DB" (#16470)
    • ⚑️ Chris (@isjwuk), Update (#16366)
    • πŸ›  Julian HΓΌppauff (@jhueppauff), [API Management] Fixed variable reference (#16525)
    • ⚠ @toswedlu, [CosmosDB] Changing the warning message for AnalyticalStorageSchemaType (#15723)