Client-side querying, caching, dynamic object graphs, change tracking and notification, model validation, batch save, offline … all part of rich data management with Breeze.js running natively on every browser (all 2.5 billion of them). Breeze clients communicate with any remote service that speaks HTTP and JSON.

Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Tags: Csharp     WebApi     Dotnet     Xamarin     WPF     Portable     Breeze     OData     SPA    
Latest version: v0.6.0.9

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Welcome to Breeze.Sharp by IdeaBlade, the data management library for developers of rich client applications written in C#, F#, and VB.NET.

Breeze.Sharp is a data management tool for smart client apps. It retrieves data from the server using a rich query language, manages the entity graph of application data, tracks changes, and performs updates of changed data to the server.

This repository holds the Breeze assets for .NET and Xamarin client development.

Breeze.Sharp.sln holds the .NET Framework 4.x projects, and Breeze.Sharp.Standard.sln holds the .NET Standard 2.0 projects.

Please see the Breeze.Sharp documentation to get started.


For technical questions, please go to StackOverflow with the tag "breeze".

StackOverflow is a fantastic site where tons of developers help each other with their technical questions.


We monitor this tag on the StackOverflow website and do our best to answer your questions. The advantage of StackOverflow over the GitHub Wiki is the sheer number of qualified developers able to help you with your questions, the visibility of the question itself, and the whole StackOverflow infrastructure (reputation, up- or down-vote, comments, etc).

For bug reports, please do use the GitHub Issues tab!

Please post your feature suggestions to our User Voice site

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Learn about IdeaBlade's professional services from training through application development.


Samples and Breeze-related code for server development reside in sibling Breeze repositories such as breeze.sharp.samples.

Documentation is on the Breeze.Sharp website.

Release notes and installation instructions are also on the Breeze.Sharp website.