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  • v1.0 Changes

    December 13, 2019

    ๐Ÿš€ First stable release of C# Algorithms.


    Skip List
    Array List
    Single-Linked List
    Double-Linked List
    Circular Buffer
    Binary-Min Heap
    Binary-Max Heap
    Binomial-Min Heap
    Min-Priority Queue
    Key-value Priority Queue
    Prime Hashing Family
    Universal Hashing Family
    Chained Hash Table
    Cuckoo Hash Table
    Open-Addressing Hash Table
    Sorted List
    Sorted Dictionary
    Binary Search Tree
    Augmented Binary Search Tree
    Ternary Search Tree
    AVL Tree
    Red-Black Tree
    Clique Graphs
    Undirected Sparse Graph
    Undirected Dense Graph
    Undirected Weighted Sparse Graph
    Undirected Weighted Dense Graph
    Directed Sparse Graph
    Directed Dense Graph
    Directed Weighted Graphs:
    Directed Weighted Sparse Graph
    Directed Weighted Dense Graph


    Bubble Sort
    Bucket Sort
    BST Sort
    Comb Sort
    Counting Sort
    Cycle Sort
    Gnome Sort
    Heap Sort
    Insertion Sort
    LSD Radix Sort
    Merge Sort
    Selection Sort
    Shell Sort
    OddEven Sort
    PigeonHole Sort
    Quick Sort
    Binary Search
    Depth-First Searcher
    Breadth-First Searcher
    Breadth-First SPs
    Bellman-Ford SPs
    Dijkstra SPs
    Dijkstra All-Pairs SPs
    Cycles Detector
    Topological Sorter
    Connected Components
    Bipartite Graphs Coloring
    Recursive Binary Tree Walker (BinarySearch, Preorder, Inorder & Postorder Traversal)
    Permutations and Anagrams
    Edit Distance
    Binomial Coefficients
    Catalan Numbers
    Greatest Common Divisor
    Binary Tree Visualizer