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  • v6.10 Changes

    October 08, 2020

    C1 CMS 6.10 (6.10.7583.21856)


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.10

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.10?

    πŸ“š CodeBasedFunctionRegistry as a simple way to register a C# method as a C1 function (Documentation)

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    πŸ›  Multiple fixes to ResxEditor
    Selecting a position for a new page doesn't work if there are multiple versions of any page at the same level of the tree #751
    "{body}#xD;" added to TextArea parameter value in function #755

    CodeBasedFunctionProvider now creates objects with ActivatorUtilities @burningice2866
    βš™ Runtime compilation is now based on DotNetCompilerPlatform #735 @burningice2866

    🐎 Performance and caching fixes

    PageObjectCacheFunction evaluating parameters, even when the result value being returned from the cache
    CmsPageHttpHandler should disable public caching when there's a function with PreventFunctionOutputCaching == true
    PageRenderer should disable output cache when there's a function with PreventFunctionOutputCaching == true

  • v6.9 Changes

    April 17, 2020

    C1 CMS 6.9 (6.9.7410.31615)


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.9

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.9?

    • πŸ‘ Better support for running C1 from the command line.
    • A new rendering pipeline
    • Donut caching

    A new rendering pipeline

    🌐 There's a new option in Composite.config that allows rendering pages without using ASP.NET Web Forms internally.

      <Composite.Core.Configuration.Plugins.GlobalSettingsProviderConfiguration ..>
          <add ... omitAspNetWebFormsSupport="false" />

    🐎 When set to "true", rendering UserControl functions is no longer supported, but in exchange, there's a performance gain and it enables us to build some rendering related features on top of it, namely "donut caching".

    "Donut caching"

    On a page with dynamic/user specific content, where ASP.NET full-page caching is usually not applicable, now it is possible to mark certain functions as "excluded from the cache". By doing so, you will have all the other parts of the content cached server side.

    To use the feature:

    βž• Add or set the attribute value omitAspNetWebFormsSupport="true" in /App_Data/Composite/Composite.config

    Override PreventFunctionOutputCaching on a Razor function with dynamic content:

    @inherits RazorFunction
    @functions {
        public override string FunctionDescription { get { return "Shows a timestamp"; } }
        public override bool PreventFunctionOutputCaching { get { return true; } }
    <div xmlns="" style="color:red; font-size:34px">
        Timestamp: @DateTime.Now.ToString("s")

    🌐 1. Enable the full page caching in web.config

    πŸ›  Minor changes and bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixed: the console search is not working when SqlDataProvider is used #720
    • πŸ›  Fixed: the page selector widget is not showing a previously selected value when being opened.
    • ⚑️ Updated: the list of self-closing HTML elements #694
  • v6.8 Changes

    November 28, 2019

    C1 CMS 6.8 (6.8.7271.23834)


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.8

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.8?

    • πŸ†• new tree selector widget
    • πŸ‘Œ support for "version published" content in the C1 Package system
    • πŸ›  fix: adding new language and selecting 'give access to all users' will include access to all groups also

    πŸ†• New widget, Composite.Widgets.String.TreeSelector

    πŸ”§ A new widget (UI element to be used in the C1 Console UI for C1 Function configuration or forms) allow you to expose the tree structure from an Element Provider for element selection. The provider used, what property is selected and filters are configured as parameters to the widget.


    • ElementProvider: Required. The name of a tree element provider (as defined in Composite.config)
    • SelectableElementReturnValue: Required. The name of the element field whose value to return for selection. Typical values here can be DataId (for data trees), Uri (for linkable elements), or EntityToken (for any element). Element providers may provide more fields.
    • SelectableElementPropertyName: An element must have this field to be selectable.
    • SelectableElementPropertyValue: The value of the property optionally used (if provided) to further identify a selectable tree element by. Seperate multiple values with spaces.
    • SerializedSearchToken: A search token, seriallized, to filter which tree elements is shown. To filter what is selectable, use the 'Selection filter' properties.
    • Required: Boolean. An option that indicates whether the user is required to make a selection.

    Element property names and search tokens depend on what you need and what the element provider is exposing.


    Media selection - show only PDF and DOCX files, only from the folder /Documents - select the media URL:

    <f:widgetfunction xmlns:f="" name="Composite.Widgets.String.TreeSelector">
        <f:param name="ElementProvider" value="MediaFileElementProvider" />
        <f:param name="SelectableElementReturnValue" value="Uri" />
        <f:param name="SerializedSearchToken">
            {"MimeTypes":["application/pdf","application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.wordprocessingml.document"],"Folder":"/Documents","$type":"Composite.Plugins.Elements.ElementProviders.MediaFileProviderElementProvider.MediaFileSearchToken, Composite"}

    Media selection - show all media, only allow JPEG selection, select the media URL:

    <f:widgetfunction name="Composite.Widgets.String.TreeSelector" xmlns:f="">
        <f:param name="ElementProvider" value="MediaFileElementProvider" />
        <f:param name="SelectableElementReturnValue" value="Uri" />
        <f:param name="SelectableElementPropertyName" value="ElementType" />
        <f:param name="SelectableElementPropertyValue" value="image/jpeg" />

    πŸ‘‰ Show all data types and data, like on the data perspective. Allow any node to be selected and return the Entity Token:

    <f:widgetfunction name="Composite.Widgets.String.TreeSelector" xmlns:f="">
        <f:param name="SelectableElementReturnValue" value="EntityToken" />
        <f:param name="ElementProvider" value="GeneratedDataTypesElementProvider" />

    πŸ‘Œ Support for "version published" content in the C1 Package system

    ⚑️ The Package Creator has been updated to v3.8.0 - new in this version is the ability to safely export content which exists in multiple versions to a C1 Package.

    πŸ“¦ C1 CMS 6.8 support importing a C1 Package containing multi-version content.

    ⚑️ These features are usable by users using Orckestra.Versioning.VersionPublication - users should upgrade to C1 CMS v6.8 and re-install the Package Creator to fully update.

    πŸ›  Minor changes and bug fixes

    • When adding a new language to the system and you say yes to granting access to all existing users, this will be granted to all existing user groups also.

    6 8

  • v6.7 Changes

    October 30, 2019

    C1 CMS 6.7 (6.7.7240.24791)


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.7

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.7?

    πŸš‘ This release is mostly focused on stabilization and fixes, including a critical security fix.

    πŸ‘‰ User Groups can now be assigned access to a given language, this was previously a β€œUser only” setting. For federated authentication systems, where users are managed in AAD, this feature allow better control over language access.

    When searching for media in the C1 Console, tags on media are available as facets for result filtering.

    πŸš‘ Critical security fix

    πŸš‘ Critical security fix for a Remote Code Execution vulnerability, where a C1 Console user (with any access level) can complete a remote code execution attack on the website. This vulnerability cannot be exploited by anonymous users, but we urge all our users to upgrade to this release at the earliest convenient time. MITRE reference: CVE-2019-18211.

    ⬆️ Free automated upgrade

    πŸš€ To best protect you, Orckestra is providing free, immediate and direct access to our automated upgrade feature – any C1 installation from 2011 and later can now be upgraded to this release, free of charge.

    πŸš€ Details on the exploit should be expected to be published within one month. We suggest you upgrade to this release before January 2020.

    ⬆️ For guidance on upgrade, please see issue #696

    πŸ”’ A big thanks to Florian Hauser, security analyst at @codewhitesec, for taking the time to analyze, document and report the vulnerability in a thorough and responsible way.

    πŸ›  Minor changes and bug fixes

    • πŸ›  Fixing issue with Chrome v74 and later, breaking the calendar UI in the C1 Console.
    • ⚠ In the C1 Console, a β€œanother user is editing this” warning was erroneously shown when another user was editing other language versions of the page.
    • πŸ›  Fixing issue with resolving data/page relations, which fx could lead to blog posts from one subsite to appear in search results on another subsite
    • πŸ›  Fixing issue preventing you from running C1 in a virtual folder
    • Page rendering, fixing issue where duplicate meta tags would surface the first encountered (in a depth first search) rather than the last. This fix ensure you can overwrite a β€˜common’ meta tag in the template fx, from an embedded C1 Function.

    πŸš€ For a list of all issues fixed in this release, see issues closed in C1 CMS 6.7

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  • v6.6 Changes

    December 05, 2018

    C1 CMS 6.6 (6.6.6912.30810)


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.6

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.6?

    πŸ‘ Search/replace support added to visual and code editors. Thanks to @peterpde for contributing!

    🌐 C1 Log now write to System.Diagnostics.Trace. This enabling log reading from trace listeners, like β€œApplication Log” on Azure Web Apps or Visual Studio's Output window.

    πŸ’» Tree Definitions <Element /> and <DataElements /> support new attributes BrowserImage and BrowserUrl. Taking a tilde (~) based URL they control what is shown in the C1 Console browser when an element is selected (instead of a the element icon).

    Sitemap Provider now pluggable. Thanks to @BurningIce for contributing!

    πŸ›  Minor changes and bug fixes

    • System Initialization skips some steps solely used by the C1 Console (faster startup).
    • File Data Provider will no longer create directories read from config up front.
    • ⚑️ Multiple processes (like web servers running of the same disk) that update StartupHandlersCache.xml no longer break website startup.
    • ⚑️ Optimized code for upgrading entity tokens.
    • C1 Console will load fine, even if one or more element providers fail.
    • Page Menu Titles can exceed 64 characters (languages like Greenlandic may use quite long words)
    • Making DataEventSystemFacade.FireExternalStoreChangeEvent( ... ) public (#623).
    • <meta /> elements are now filtered by id (deepest instance used, i.e. a function will override template)
    • πŸ›  Fixing issue where data item URLs were not correctly converted to public URLs (#621 #339)
    • πŸ›  Fixing issue where Global DataType scheduled publishing does not work with "Has caching" enabled (#618)
    • πŸ›  Fixing various browser issues (#318, #620, #370)

    πŸ›  Thanks to @ai-fwd for contributing fixes.

    πŸš€ For a list of all issues fixed in this release, see issues closed in C1 CMS 6.6

    πŸ’… sixsixoverwatchstyle

  • v6.5 Changes

    June 29, 2018

    C1 CMS 6.5 (6.5.6754.25114)


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.5

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.5?

    πŸš€ This is a minor release, that mostly provide bug fixes.

    πŸš€ WampSharp library have been updated to a release version.

    πŸ’» Browsing files on the System and Layout perspective now a preview in the browser for most text file types. DLLs has detailed version information displayed.

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    πŸš€ Some major fixes in this release include ...

    • C1 Console user workloads no longer serialized, leading to faster response times when working in the C1 Console in multi-user setups.
    • URL generation from data no longer used the pipecharacter | (%7c) for encoding. Hypens / dashes (-) no longer replaced with %7c2D
    • πŸ“¦ Re-installing packages with dynamic types while on SQL Server works as expected.
    • πŸ›  A great number of fixes for Edge
    • Page preview works

    πŸš€ For a list of all issues fixed in this release, see issues closed in C1 CMS 6.5

    6 5

  • v6.4 Changes

    March 07, 2018

    C1 CMS 6.4 (6.4.6639.31891)


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.4

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.4?

    πŸš€ This is a minor release, that provides some bug fixes.
    .NET Framework version 4.7.1 is now required.
    πŸ‘ Composite.dll meta data now includes hash/branch information for easier support.

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    #547 Empty placeholder content is shown after for a newly added page version
    πŸ‘» #539 An exception when adding pages when HttpContext is not available
    ⏱ #543 Scheduled [un]publishing doesn't work with debug builds of Composite.dll
    #544 Published C1 pages with unpublished ancestor pages should not show up in search results
    πŸ›  Fixing package installer failing to locale zip entries in sub folders in some of the packages
    CAPTCHA code no longer uses Environment.ManchineName as a part of the encryption key, as that prevents it from being used in load balancing scenarios.


  • v6.3 Changes

    January 29, 2018

    C1 CMS 6.3 (6.3.6599.29375)

    This release contains bug fixes and performance improvements as well as introduces a few extension points such as IPageContentFilter that enables developers to implement post processing for C1 pages.

    πŸ”§ With this new version it is also possible to use the new premium package - Orckestra.Media.CdnPublisher that enables configuring a C1 CMS website to serve static and media files via a reverse proxy cache service, like Azure CDN.


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.3

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.3?

    Dev Features

    IPageContentFilter is an interface that allows post processing of C1 pages - modifying the HTML of the final page. It can be used, for example, to replace or augment certain URLs, replace img tags with the new HTML 5 picture tags, update certain words in the content etc.

    πŸ“š Documentation link pending

    πŸ“¦ Orckestra.Media.CdnPublisher package

    πŸš€ The Orckestra.Media.CdnPublisher add-on allows integration with Azure CDN, or any other reverse proxy caching server. Using a CDN both allows the deployments to handle a much higher load, reduce hosting costs and possibly improve performance.


    The DLL version information is now visible in the C1 Console when browsing files in the System perspective.

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    πŸ’» #504 [Chrome] Input fields loosing focus if login/password information is preserved in browser
    #506 [Chrome] Function call editor - text is not visible in the second column input fields.
    #490 Transparency artifacts in Chrome
    #535 Custom 404 page resolution does not take language specified in URL into account
    #507 Console doesn't work if ~/bin/Composite.Generated.dll is missing
    Inline search in dropdown selectors is not enabled for Edge and is aligned properly.
    πŸ›  Compatibility fixes related to EntityToken deserialization.
    πŸ›  Fixing user permissions upgrade failing when there are permissions connected to no longer existing users/user groups.
    πŸ›  Fixing an exception in PageObjectCacheFunction that was preventing caching an XML fragment
    πŸ›  Fixing exceptions in the code handling the externally added workflows
    πŸ›  Fixing "Undo Changes" action not working for page folder data types

    🐎 Performance fixes/improvements:

    🐎 XmlDataProvider - removing excessive locking that was limiting website performance.
    PageObjectCache - blocking execution only when the same element to be cached is rendered.
    0️⃣ Increasing the default max size for the "Page placeholders" cache.
    🐎 Media handler - fixed performance issues that were occurring under heavy load.


  • v6.2 Changes

    August 16, 2017

    C1 CMS 6.2 (6.2.6436.18972)

    πŸš‘ This release brings about new features in the CMS Console and Content Search areas and overall performance and memory optimizations, giving an all around speed improvement and critical performance improvements for sites with a vey large amount of pages.

    Also, a previously commercial feature - the ability to manage multiple sub-sites with unique host names - is now part of the open source project.


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.2

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.2?

    πŸ‘ Host name management / multi-site support

    The previously commercial feature that allowed admins to manage multiple host names / sub-sites is now part of the open source project. This allow you to associate host names with specific localized sub sites, manage 404 pages per host name and more.

    πŸ‘ Also - not previously available - β€œAlways use HTTPS” support added for host name settings, enabling you to auto redirect all http requests to https.

    πŸ‘€ See for more.



    πŸ’» The CMS Console browser show PDF, HTML and text file previews when browsing the Media perspective. Code files (.config, .css, .cshtml, .aspx etc.) are shown in the browser as well, when browsing website file structures (Layout and System perspectives).

    pdf previewing

    Resource File (.resx) editor added to the CMS Console, enabling editing and translating .resx files.
    πŸ’» The perspective buttons (left side, Content, Media etc.) now offer a context menu on right click, allowing you to set permissions for the perspective. Other commands attached do perspective elements will also show up. Also, clicking the icon for an already active perspective, will focus the perspective’s main browser.


    Dev features

    🐎 The build in page performance profiler improved - performance trace show a more detailed breakdown and allow you to order by memory usage.

    πŸ†• New CMS Console widget available, Hierarchical Tree Selector, allowing users to select X items from a tree structure.

    πŸ‘ Tree Definition files now support formatting dates, ints and decimals in labels.

    Content Search

    πŸ‘ Search now support facetted search on reference fields on data types. Improved quality of keyword highlighting for text excerpts in search results.

    website search function settings

    🐎 Performance optimizations and fixes

    🐎 Performance optimization for XML based sites – DateTime, Guid, bool and decimal values were always parsed from underlying string value, now the parsed value is cached.

    🐎 Performance optimizations across the board for Console security resolving. For sites with larger more complex content trees, this can yield a visible performance improvement.

    πŸ›  Memory handling fixes, removing unneeded object finalizers and ensuring IDisposable are disposed of in an orderly fashion. Memory optimizations.

    πŸ›  Fixes around our use of the Roslyn Compiler – fixing issues where App_Resources were not compiled for non-default language, some Web Form code on websites would not compile and XSLT inline C# compilation failed.

    πŸš‘ Critical fix: Chrome v60 update broke setup wizard, preventing CMS install using this browser.

    πŸ’» Several other UI improvements, optimizations and bug fixes.

    The method for serializing β€œentity token” and β€œdata source id” changes from escaped string custom format to JSON. This make reading such tokens a lot easier.


  • v6.1 Changes

    May 01, 2017

    C1 CMS 6.1 (6.1.6325.31805)

    πŸš€ This is a minor release, primarily stabilizing the 6.0 release and bringing the Search features introduced as beta in 6.0 to release level in terms of stability, performance and features.


    πŸš€ Download C1 CMS 6.1

    What’s new in C1 CMS 6.1?

    πŸš€ This release allows developers to use C# 7.0 features, the build-in content search has been expanded to the point, where front-end facing search can be serviced and customized to meet a wide range of needs. The release also contains several fixes and performance improvements.

    βœ… Latest Roslyn compiler in use

    Developers can now use C# 7.0 features in Razor Functions, MVC view code files, WebForm files etc.

    Search improvements

    Stemming, search results highlighting, indexing output of the cms functions.
    πŸ‘Œ Support for indexing content of media files (e.g. PDF and DOCX) with the Orcksetra.Search.MediaContentIndexing package.
    πŸ‘ API support for filtering search results to specific websites/media folders.
    πŸ‘ API support for implementing and filtering by custom fields (e.g. by extranet permissions).
    Localizable user friendly names for MIME types when searching for media in the console.
    πŸ— Greatly reduced index building time.


    Media files now have a Tags field enabling users to add tags (keywords) to media files.
    πŸ†• New service IMailer for sending mails (enable replacing the default mailer SmtpClient with other implementation).

    🐎 Performance fixes

    • deleting multiple CMS Pages at the same time
    • πŸ“¦ using the Orckestra.VersioningVersionPublication package
    • πŸ‘Œ improved caching of data from SqlDataProvider

    πŸ’₯ Breaking changes:

    πŸ”’ Security change – the β€œvisible perspectives” settings for users/groups are now included in the calculation of inherited access. Previously having access to a perspective did not influence the inheritance of rights, meaning that any global access would flow down to all perspectives and elements, unless explicitly removed at a lower level. Now access will not be inherited onto perspectives the users cannot access.

    πŸ‘€ A typical scenario where this become visible will be non-admin users unable to insert CMS Functions *getting an empty tree to choose from( – this can be solved by setting explicit read permissions on the β€œAll Functions” element or by allowing read permissions to be inherited past hidden perspectives, see below.

    You can control this behavior using the attribute inheritGlobalReadPermissionOnHiddenPerspectives in ~/App_Data/Composite/Composite.config. Setting this attribute to true will allow users with global read access to read structures like the CMS Functions tree, even though they have now been granted access to the Function perspective.

    πŸ›  Notable bug fixes:

    βœ… #435 Latest Firefox and Chrome will break the Function Call editor in the Visual Editor
    #403 MVC links are not resolved correctly
    #404 Page type restrictions are not resolved properly
    #422 Checkbox will reset to initial state when other form widgets on same form does postback
    #426 Components window is empty when site is running in subfolder
    #417 [FireFox][Search,Components] WebSocket connection is not reopened automatically if website restarts
    πŸ›  Fixes in relation to SQL support of Orckestra.Versioning.VersionPublication

    🍱 yes61octocat