20 Office packages and projects

  • NPOI

    9.3 9.3 L2 C#
    a .NET library that can read/write Office formats without Microsoft Office installed. No COM+, no interop.
  • EPPlus

    9.1 1.5 C#
    DISCONTINUED. EPPlus is a .net library that reads and writes Excel 2007/2010 files using the Open Office Xml format (xlsx).
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  • ClosedXML

    9.0 9.3 C#
    ClosedXML is a .NET library for reading, manipulating and writing Excel 2007+ (.xlsx, .xlsm) files. It aims to provide an intuitive and user-friendly interface to dealing with the underlying OpenXML API.
  • ExcelDataReader

    8.9 7.6 C#
    Lightweight and fast library written in C# for reading Microsoft Excel files
  • Open XML SDK

    8.8 9.1 L1 C#
    Open XML SDK by Microsoft
  • MiniExcel

    7.7 8.1 C#
    Fast, Low-Memory, Easy Excel .NET helper to import/export/template spreadsheet (support Linux, Mac)
  • DocX

    7.6 5.6 C#
    Fast and easy to use .NET library that creates or modifies Microsoft Word files without installing Word.
  • ExcelDna

    6.9 8.2 L1 C#
    Excel-DNA - Free and easy .NET for Excel. This repository contains the core Excel-DNA library.
  • NetOffice

    5.9 8.4 C#
    ๐ŸŒŒ Create add-ins and automation code for Microsoft Office applications.
  • Toxy

    4.8 1.8 C#
    .net text extraction framework
  • Report-From-DocX-HTML-To-PDF-Converter

    4.3 0.0 C#
    .NET Core library to create custom reports based on Word docx or HTML documents and convert to PDF
  • ShapeCrawler

    3.8 9.5 C#
    ๐Ÿ‚ A .NET library for manipulating PowerPoint presentations
  • BookFx

    2.5 0.0 C#
    Composing Excel spreadsheets based on a tree of nested components like the HTML DOM.
  • ExcelDna-Unpack

    2.3 2.3 C#
    Command-line utility to extract the contents of Excel-DNA add-ins packed with ExcelDnaPack
  • Syncfusion .NET Word Framework

    2.0 6.3 C#
    This repository contains the samples for Syncfusion file format Windows Forms products and the guide to use them.
  • PureExcel

    0.8 0.0 L5 C#
    A lightweight excel parser
  • GemBox.Bundle

    A package of .NET components that enable fast, simple and efficient processing of office files (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF and emails). [$]****[Free Lite versions]
  • Outlook Redemption

    Library to work with the Outlook Object Model and (Extended) MAPI. Supports Outlook 98
  • Syncfusion .NET Excel Framework

    A high-performance .NET Excel framework without Microsoft Office or interop dependencies. Create, read, and edit Excel documents seamlessly. Utilize Spreadsheet controls for creating, editing, and viewing easily. Effortlessly convert Excel files to PDF, images, and more with powerful conversion APIs. [$] [Free for Individuals and Small Businesses]
  • Syncfusion .NET PowerPoint Framework

    A high-performance .NET PowerPoint framework without Microsoft Office or interop dependencies. Create, read, and edit PowerPoint files seamlessly. Effortlessly convert PowerPoint files to PDFs and images with powerful conversion APIs. [$] [Free for Individuals and Small Businesses]

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