49 ORM packages and projects

  • TypeORM

    10.0 9.5 TypeScript
    ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript (ES7, ES6, ES5). Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SAP Hana, WebSQL databases. Works in NodeJS, Browser, Ionic, Cordova and Electron platforms.
  • Dapper

    9.9 5.1 L1 C#
    Dapper - a simple object mapper for .Net [Moved to: https://github.com/DapperLib/Dapper]
  • Syncfusion Xamarin components and frameworks are constantly being developed and updated to meet the growing needs of a changing digital world. This suite has controls from basic editors to powerful, advanced controls like DataGrid, Charts, ListView, and RTE. Free 30-day Trial.
  • Entity Framework

    9.8 9.7 L1 C#
    EF Core is a modern object-database mapper for .NET. It supports LINQ queries, change tracking, updates, and schema migrations.
  • FreeSql

    8.7 8.9 C#
    🦄 .NET orm, Mysql orm, Postgresql orm, SqlServer orm, Oracle orm, Sqlite orm, Firebird orm, 达梦 orm, 人大金仓 orm, 神通 orm, 翰高 orm, 华为GaussDB orm, MsAccess orm.
  • FluentMigrator

    8.5 6.2 L3 C#
    Fluent migrations framework for .NET
  • NHibernate

    8.5 8.2 L3 C#
    NHibernate Object Relational Mapper
  • Fluent NHibernate

    8.2 0.8 L5 C#
    Fluent NHibernate!
  • PetaPoco

    8.2 4.7 L2 C#
    Official PetaPoco, A tiny ORM-ish thing for your POCO's
  • ServiceStack.OrmLite

    8.1 7.8 L2 C#
    Fast, Simple, Typed ORM for .NET
  • LINQ to DB

    8.1 9.0 L1 C#
    Linq to database provider.
  • Dapper Extensions

    8.0 7.4 L5 C#
    Dapper Extensions is a small library that complements Dapper by adding basic CRUD operations (Get, Insert, Update, Delete) for your POCOs. For more advanced querying scenarios, Dapper Extensions provides a predicate system. The goal of this library is to keep your POCOs pure by not requiring any attributes or base class inheritance.
  • Massive

    7.8 0.0 L3 C#
    A small, happy, dynamic MicroORM for .NET that will love you forever.
  • Entity Framework 6

    7.7 7.2 C#
    This is the codebase for Entity Framework 6 (previously maintained at https://entityframework.codeplex.com). Entity Framework Core is maintained at https://github.com/dotnet/efcore.
  • NPoco

    6.8 4.8 L2 C#
    Simple microORM that maps the results of a query onto a POCO object. Project based on Schotime's branch of PetaPoco
  • RepoDb

    6.7 9.4 C#
    A hybrid ORM library for .NET.
  • LINQKit

    6.5 5.2 L4 C#
    LINQKit is a free set of extensions for LINQ to SQL and Entity Framework power users.
  • SmartSql

    6.4 0.3 C#
    SmartSql = MyBatis in C# + .NET Core+ Cache(Memory | Redis) + R/W Splitting + PropertyChangedTrack +Dynamic Repository + InvokeSync + Diagnostics
  • MicroOrm.Dapper.Repositories

    5.7 7.6 L4 C#
    CRUD for Dapper
  • SQLProvider

    5.4 8.1 F#
    A general F# SQL database erasing type provider, supporting LINQ queries, schema exploration, individuals, CRUD operations and much more besides.
  • LINQ to Twitter

    5.3 7.7 L3 C#
    LINQ Provider for the Twitter API (C# Twitter Library)
  • MongoDB Repository pattern implementation

    5.0 0.3 L5 C#
    Repository abstraction layer on top of Official MongoDB C# driver
  • Dapper.FastCRUD

    5.0 0.0 L3 C#
    The fastest micro-orm extension for Dapper
  • BL Toolkit

    4.8 0.0 L1 C#
    Business Logic Toolkit for .NET

    4.0 0.0 C#
    Popular, easy to use library to read and write CSV files.
  • JsonFlatFileDataStore

    4.0 3.8 C#
    Simple JSON flat file data store with support for typed and dynamic data.
  • Tortuga Chain

    3.9 3.0 C#
    Micro ORM for .Net
  • DbExtensions

    3.9 0.0 L3 C#
    Data-access framework with a strong focus on query composition, granularity and code aesthetics.
  • NReco.Data

    3.5 2.4 L3 C#
    Fast DB-independent DAL for .NET Core: abstract queries, SQL commands builder, schema-less data access, POCO mapping (micro-ORM).
  • MongoFramework

    3.3 7.5 C#
    An "Entity Framework"-like interface for MongoDB
  • AsyncPoco

    3.2 0.0 L1 C#
    A long-"awaited" fully asynchronous PetaPoco fork
  • Venflow

    2.8 9.6 C#
    A brand new, fast and lightweight ORM, build for PostgreSQL.
  • MicroLite ORM

    2.7 5.1 L4 C#
    MicroLite ORM framework
  • Linq.Expression.Optimizer

    2.4 0.6 F#
    System.Linq.Expression expressions optimizer. http://thorium.github.io/Linq.Expression.Optimizer
  • KonfDB

    2.1 0.0 L3 C#
    Configuration as a Service for multi-tenant, cross-platform applications
  • Dashing

    2.0 1.9 C#
    Dashing is a simple to use mini ORM built on top of Dapper
  • Limebean

    1.6 0.0 L4 C#
    Hybrid-ORM for .NET
  • Jerrycurl

    1.6 0.0 C#
    Razor-powered ORM for .NET
  • Dapper.MicroCRUD

    1.4 0.0 C#
    CRUD Extensions for Dapper.Net
  • ObjectStore

    1.3 0.1 C#
    .Net Or-Mapper working with dynamically implemented abstract Classes
  • DatabaseObjects

    1.1 0.0 L2 C#
    .NET Object Relational Mapping Tool
  • MongoRiver.NET

    1.1 0.0 L5 C#
    A library for writing .NET MongoDB oplog tailers.
  • AutoClutch

    1.0 0.0 L2 JavaScript
    Generic repository and generic service.
  • Zonkey

    1.0 0.8 C#
    Zonkey ORM (and then some) libraries for .Net
  • EntityFramework.DatabaseMigrator

    0.9 0.0 L4 C#
    EntityFramework.DatabaseMigrator is a WinForms utility to help manage Entity Framework 6.0+ migrations.
  • Exodus

    0.8 0.0 C#
    Simple C# database migrator for .NET Core.
  • Dapper.CX

    0.8 2.8 C#
    A Crud library based on Dapper
  • Excel2SqlServer

    0.7 4.9 C#
    Library for importing Excel spreadsheets into SQL Server tables
  • LLBLGen Pro

    Entity Modeling solution for Entity Framework, NHibernate, Linq to SQL and its own ORM framework: LLBLGen Pro Runtime Framework. [$][Free Lite version]
  • Entity Framework Core

    Object-relational mapper that enables .NET developers to work with relational data using domain-specific objects

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