Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Tags: ETL    
Latest version: v1.0.5.3

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Cinchoo ETL

<!-- Title: Cinchoo ETL Description: ETL Framework for .NET (Reader / Writer for CSV, Fixed/Flat, Xml, JSON, Key-Value, Avro, Yaml formatted files) Author: Cinchoo -->

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An ETL framework for .NET

Simple, intutive Extract, transform and load (ETL) library for .NET. Extremely fast, flexible, and easy to use.

Cinchoo ETL is a code-based ETL framework for extracting data from multiple sources, transforming, and loading into your very own data warehouse in .NET environment. You can have data in your data warehouse in no time.


To install Cinchoo ETL (.NET Framework), run the following command in the Package Manager Console NuGet

PM> Install-Package ChoETL

To install Cinchoo ETL (.NET Standard / .NET Core), run the following command in the Package Manager Console NuGet

PM> Install-Package ChoETL.NETStandard

Add namespace to the program

using ChoETL;

Phase 1:

Here are the items will be targetted on phase 1.

  1. CSV Reader / Writer
  2. Fixed Length Reader / Writer
  3. Xml Reader / Writer
  4. JSON Reader / Writer
  5. Key-Value Reader / Writer
  6. Parquet Reader / Writer
  7. Yaml Reader / Writer
  8. Avro Reader / Writer



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Cinchoo ETL questions in StackOverflow

Download Binary

Base Library

JSON Plug-In

Parquet Plug-In

Yaml Plug-In

Avro Plug-In

Sqlite Plug-In

SqlServer Plug-In

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