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Latest version: v0.23.3

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About NUKE

Founded in April 2017, NUKE is a free, open-source build automation system for C#/.NET that runs cross-platform on .NET Core, .NET Framework, and Mono. While builds are bootstrapped with conventional Bash or PowerShell scripts, their actual implementation resides in simple C# console applications. This approach unleashes the power of the type system and natively provides IDE features like code-completion, refactorings, and debugging. A custom global tool and several IDE extensions further improve how build projects are setup, authored and executed. A revolutionary code-generation approach ensures scalable integration of third-party tools like MSBuild or dotnet CLI.


Thanks to all the great people who've contributed to the project!


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Thanks to JetBrains for providing licenses for Rider and access to the community TeamCity instance, which both make open-source development a real pleasure!

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