Confluent's .NET Client for Apache KafkaTM v1.3.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-12-04 // about 2 months ago
  • ✨ Enhancements

    • ➕ Added support for Subject Name Strategies to Confluent.SchemaRegistry (thanks to @fipil, @alexpedrero and @eroyal for their input).
    • ConsumeResult now throws MessageNullException, not NullReferenceException when a message property is accessed but no message exists (thanks to @enzian for this change).
    • 🚀 References librdkafka v1.3.0. Refer to the release notes for more information. Headline feature is support for fetch from follower (KIP-392).

    🔄 Changes

    • 🗄 Deprecated properties of SchemaRegistryConfig with the (superfluous) prefix SchemaRegistry. Added corresponding properties without this prefix.

    🛠 Fixes

    • Resolved issue 993 whereby RestService was unable to communicate with Schema Registry hosted on a non-root path. Thanks to @jonathansant for this fix.

Previous changes from v1.2.2

  • 🛠 Fixes

    • ⬆️ References librdkafka v1.2.2 which upgrades the lz4 dependency to v1.9.2.