Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Tags: Misc    
Latest version: v3.2.0

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Coravel helps developers get their .NET Core applications up-and-running fast without compromising code quality.

It makes advanced application features accessible and easy-to-use by giving you a simple, expressive and straightforward syntax.

[Coravel Scheduler](./img/scheduledailyreport.png)


Task Scheduling

Usually, you have to configure a cron job or a task via Windows Task Scheduler to get a single or multiple re-occurring tasks to run.

With Coravel, you can setup all your scheduled tasks in one place using a simple, elegant, fluent syntax - in code!


Coravel gives you a zero-configuration queue that runs in-memory to offload long-winded tasks to the background instead of making your users wait for their HTTP request to finish!


Coravel provides you with an easy to use API for caching in your .NET Core applications.

By default, it uses an in-memory cache, but also has database drivers for more robust scenarios!

Event Broadcasting

Coravel's event broadcasting helps you to build maintainable applications who's parts are loosely coupled!


E-mails are not as easy as they should be. Luckily for you, Coravel solves this by offering:

  • Built-in e-mail friendly razor templates
  • Simple and flexible mailing API
  • Render your e-mails for visual testing
  • Drivers supporting SMTP, local log file or BYOM ("bring your own mailer") driver
  • Quick and simple configuration via appsettings.json
  • And more!

Official Documentation

You can view the official docs here.


Support Me

You can support my ongoing open-source work on BuyMeACoffee.

Coravel Pro

If you are building a .NET Core application with EF Core, then you might want to look into Coravel Pro. It is an admin panel & tools to make maintaining and managing your .NET Core app a breeze!

  • Visual job scheduling & management
  • Scaffold a CRUD UI for managing your EF Core entities
  • Easily configure a dashboard to show health metrics (or whatever you want)
  • Build custom tablular reports of your data
  • And more!