Cronos v0.7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-08-27 // about 3 years ago
  • 🚀 Release Notes

    🚀 The goal of this release is to make the library native to .NET Standard 2.0 by removing the NETStandard.Library dependency – this will heavily reduce the number of installed packages. There are no new features or bug fixes, so it's more like a maintenance release.

    • Added – Explicit netstandard2.0 targeting to not to install any dependencies in .NET Core applications.
    • 🔄 ChangedNETStandard.Library dependency bumped to version 1.6.1 in netstandard1_0 target.
    • 🔄 Changed – Removed the use of .NET's internal AdjustmentRule class because it works differently on Linux with .NET Core 2.X and causes issues.

Previous changes from v0.6.3

  • 🚀 Release Notes

    🚀 Important bugs were fixed in this release!

    • 🛠 FixedCronExpression.GetOccurrences skip an occurrence when Daylight Saving Time ends (the clocks jump backward).
    • 🛠 Fixed – Sometimes CronExpression.GetOccurrences goes into infinite loop when Daylight Saving Time ends.