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.NEXT Raft Suite

.NEXT Raft Suite is a set of libraries for building clustered microservices:

  • DotNext.Net.Cluster contains cluster programming model, transport-agnostic implementation of Raft algorithm, TCP and UDP transport
  • DotNext.AspNetCore.Cluster is a concrete implementation of Raft algorithm on top of DotNext.Net.Cluster library for building ASP.NET Core applications. The transport for Raft messages is HTTP 1.1 and HTTP/2. TLS is also supported.

The list of supported features:

  • Network transport: TCP, UDP, HTTP 1.1, HTTP/2
  • High-performance, general-purpose Persistent Write-Ahead Log supporting log compaction
  • Replication of log entries across cluster nodes
  • Tight integration with ASP.NET Core framework
  • Friendly to Docker/LXC/Windows containers, e.g. port mapping between the host and the container
  • Everything is extensible
    • Custom write-ahead log
    • Custom network transport

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