FAKE v5.16.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-08-25 // 26 days ago
  • BUGFIX: Fix that generate_load_scripts prevents restore after update - #2382
    🛠 BUGFIX: Fix FAKE unable to load assemblies in some scenarios - #2381
    🛠 BUGFIX: Fix File.getVersion fails if version is not set, thanks @SCullman - #2378
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: make Fake.DotNet.Paket work with the dotnet tool based version of Paket, thanks @seanamosw - #2364
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: add Organization field to Fake.Testing.SonarQube, thanks @Lutando - #2358
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: Added Arguments.appendRaw* functions to handle weird microsoft escaping.
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: Added Environment.getNuGetPackagesCacheFolder(), returns the NuGet packages path.
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: Added ProcessUtils.tryFindLocalTool to resolve tools via a common logic (Fake.IO.Globbing.Tools is not obsolete)
    📄 DOCS: Fix some broken links - #2351

Previous changes from v5.16.0

  • 🚀 LEGACY: Remove Fake.Deploy from repository and NuGet package, see #1820
    ⚡️ LEGACY: Update to net461 to support latest FSharp.Compiler.Service to fix #2362
    🚀 LEGACY: Release a new version of FakeLib.dll (the original FAKE NuGet package)
    🛠 BUGFIX: Fake.Api.Slack uses Username not From, thanks @mastion - #2360
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: add rollforward policy to next-major to make fake-cli work in future dotnet sdk major version, thanks @baronfel - #2372
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: ProcessUtils now considers PATHEXT on windows - #2368
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: [Fake.Api.GitHub] Added TargetCommitish parameter to the CreateReleaseParams record. This parameter is passed to Octokit's 'NewRelease', and allows for the creation of releases from arbitrary commits when the release tag does not exist yet, thanks @nikolamilekic - #2367
    ⬆️ (Minor) BREAKING: Drop support for netstandard1.6 and net46 (please open an issue if that actually hits you). All fake modules are now compiled for netstandard2.0, net462 and FSharp.Core 4.7, you should consider to upgrade your runtime.
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: Fake.DotNet.Fsc and Fake.DotNet.Fsi now use latest FSharp.Compiler.Service
    ✨ ENHANCEMENT: The fake runtime now supports FSharp.Core 4.7, thanks @drssoccer55 - #2373