Fluent.Ribbon v10.0.0 Release Notes

    • Breaking changes

      • Drop support for .NET 4.5.2. The lowest support .NET version is now 4.6.2.
      • Resizing popups should now work properly where supported (ComboBox, DropDownButton, InRibbonGallery, MenuItem, SplitButton).
        Templates now use the new specialized ResizeableContentControl to enable this.
        Resize code was moved from single controls to the new control.
      • Updated ControlzEx to version 6.
      • RibbonWindow now inherits from WindowChromeWindow
      • GlowBrush and NonActiveGlowBrush are now named GlowColor and NonActiveGlowColor and are both of type Color instead of Brush
      • Default value for BorderThickness changed from 1 to 0
      • PDBs are now embedded
      • Removed IsMinimized and IsOpen from RibbonTabItem
      • HeaderTemplate and HeaderTemplateSelector were added to IHeaderedControl
      • Various controls (Button, ComboBox etc.) now use HeaderTemplate to format their header instead of using TwoLineLabel directly
      • [#948](../../issues/948) - Minimize button misplaced
        Minimize button was moved to the right hand side of the toolbar in the tab item row
      • All resources now have the prefix Fluent.Ribbon..
        This means that nearly all resources got renamed.

    ๐Ÿšš The following resources were added, renamed or removed ("---" indicates added when in column "Old" and removed when in column "New"):

    ๐Ÿšš Click here to show the list of renamed and removed things

    Old New
    Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.CheckBox.Simplified ---
    RibbonButtonControlTemplate Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.Button
    ๐Ÿ’… RibbonButtonStyle
    TwoLineLabelControlTemplate Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.TwoLineLabel
    ๐Ÿ’… TwoLineLabelStyle
    --- Fluent.Ribbon.DataTemplates.Button.Header
    --- Fluent.Ribbon.DataTemplates.ComboBox.Header
    --- Fluent.Ribbon.DataTemplates.DropDownButton.Header
    --- Fluent.Ribbon.DataTemplates.DropDownButton.Header.Simplified
    --- Fluent.Ribbon.DataTemplates.InRibbonGallery.ToggleButton.Header
    --- Fluent.Ribbon.DataTemplates.InRibbonGallery.ToggleButton.Header.Simplified
    --- Fluent.Ribbon.DataTemplates.TextBox.Header
    Fluent.Ribbon.ControlTemplates.TextBox Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.TextBox
    Fluent.Ribbon.ControlTemplates.Spinner Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.Spinner
    Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.RibbonTextBox.Simplified Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.TextBox.Simplified
    • ๐Ÿ›  ### Bug fixes

      • [#1035](../../issues/1035) - Binding failures from within RibbonTabItem on IsMinimized & IsOpen
      • [#1041](../../issues/1041) - MenuItem CreateQuickAccessItem should create ToggleButton (thanks @andersforsgren)
    • Enhancements/Features

      • [#1026](../../issues/1026) - Translate some Chinese cases (thanks @leixao)
      • [#1034](../../issues/1034) - Enable TextTrimming in Button Header
        To enable this HeaderTemplate and HeaderTemplateSelector were added to IHeaderedControl.