Fluent.Ribbon v9.0.0 Release Notes

    • Breaking changes

      • [#870](../../issues/870) - Add .NET 5 and .NET Core 3.1 and remove .NET Core 3.0
        Support for .NET Core 3.0 was removed and support for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET 5.0 was added
      • Increasing ControlzEx dependency version to >= 5
      • [#948](../../issues/948) - Minimize button misplaced
        Minimize button is moved to the right hand side of it's parent container.
        That means custom toolbar items are not moving the button further left anymore.

    🚚 The following resources were added, renamed or removed ("---" indicates added when in column "Old" and removed when in column "New"):

    🚚 Click here to show the list of renamed and removed things

    Old New
    💅 RibbonTabControlToggleButtonStyle
    RibbonTabControlToggleButtonControlTemplate Fluent.Ribbon.Templates.RibbonTabControl.MinimizeToggleButton
    • 🛠 ### Bug fixes

      • [#845](../../issues/845) - QuickAccessToolBar issues in Colorful variant
      • [#894](../../issues/894) - Cannot use scroll wheel in fluent:ApplicationMenu since Fluent.Ribbon 7
      • [#900](../../issues/900) - Application freezes when opening collapsed groups with galleries
      • [#908](../../issues/908) - KeyTipService should dismiss keytips if the first key does not match any keytips
      • [#918](../../issues/918) - Custom color does not reset color gallery selection state
      • [#919](../../issues/919) - Ribbon content is not confined in Windows dimensions
      • [#925](../../issues/925) - Controls might not be shown when using default layout of RibbonToolbar (thanks @nishy2000)
      • [#927](../../issues/927) - Size value calculated by RibbonGroupBox is not reflected in RibbonControls in Panel control (thanks @nishy2000)
      • [#929](../../issues/929) - SizeDefinition property of RibbonControls in RibbonToolBar is not reflected in layout (thanks @nishy2000)
      • [#941](../../issues/941) - LauncherIcon and LauncherText of RibbonGroupBox are not applied to the appearance (thanks @nishy2000)
      • [#943](../../issues/943) - The LauncherIcon in the RibbonGroupBox added to QuickAccess will always be shown (thanks @nishy2000)
      • [#952](../../issues/952) - Help with IsSelectionRequired property setting on "File" tab for accessibility purposes
      • [#954](../../issues/954) - Adding an InputBinding for Alt+Up or Alt+Down results in extra character (thanks @dgosbell)
      • [#961](../../issues/961) - Fluent.Button Header Binding not visible
    • Enhancements/Features

      • [#935](../../issues/935) - Support MediumIcon (24x24) size in RibbonGroupBox (thanks @nishy2000)
      • [#936](../../issues/936) - Add ability to vertically align items in Backstage
        You have to set VerticalAlignment="Bottom", DockPanel.Dock="Bottom" and if you want to align multiple items at the bottom invert their order (because of how DockPanel works).
      • Added automation peers for InRibbonGallery and GalleryItem
      • Improved keyboard navigation for InRibbonGallery