FluentFTP v20.0.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-02-06 // over 3 years ago
  • 🚀 Major release with lots of new and exciting features, and numerous fixes by our contributors. Thanks everyone!


    • 🆕 New: FTP Server software detection (PureFTPd, VsFTPd, ProFTPD, FileZilla, OpenVMS, WindowsCE, WuFTPd)
    • 🆕 New: Detect if the FTP server supports recursive file listing (LIST -R) command using whitelist
    • 🆕 New: GetListing will manually recurse through directories if FtpListOption.Recursive is set and server does not support recursion
    • 🆕 New: Added LastReply property which returns the last FtpReply recieved from the server.
    • 🆕 New: Added new upload option AppendNoCheck to append to a file on the server without checking if it exists (thanks @everbalovas)
    • 🛠 Fix: During upload, respond to any error in 5xx series, not just 550 (thanks @stengnath)
    • 🛠 Fix: Various fixes to UploadFileAsync based on fixes already implemented in UploadFile


    • 🛠 Fix: UploadFilesAsync with errorHandling deletes the entire directory instead of specific files
    • 🛠 Fix: Server responds to EPSV with 425 "Data connection failed" but connects with PASV (thanks @ejohnsonTKTNET)
    • 🛠 Fix: Use proper async configuration for .NET Async methods (thanks @ejohnsonTKTNET)
    • 🛠 Fix: Improve implementation of upload and download resuming in Async methods (thanks @ejohnsonTKTNET)


    • 🛠 Fix: UploadFile() or UploadFiles() sometimes fails to create the remote directory if it doesn't exist
    • 🛠 Fix: DownloadDataType Binary value ignored on ASCII-configured FTP servers
    • 🐎 Performance improvement: Added BufferedStream between SslStream and NetworkStream (thanks @Lukazoid)
    • 🛠 Fix: When the FTP server sends 550, transfer is received but not confirmed (thanks @stengnath)
    • 🛠 Fix: Make Dispose method of FTPClient virtual (thanks @martinbu)
    • 🛠 Fix: OpenPassiveDataStream/Async() uses the target FTP host instead of the configured proxy (thanks @rmja)
    • 🛠 Fix: FileExists() for Xlight FTP Server (thanks @oldpepper)
    • 🛠 Fix: FTPD "550 No files found" when folder exists but is empty, only in PASV mode (thanks @olivierSOW)
    • 🛠 Fix: Many unexpected EOF for remote file IOException on Android (thanks @jersiovic)
    • 🛠 Fix: Race condition when BeginInvoke calls the callback before the IAsyncResult is added (thanks @Lukazoid)


    • 🛠 Fix: Prevent socket poll from hammering the server multiple times per second
    • 🛠 Fix: Allow using absolute paths that include drive letters (Windows servers)
    • 🐎 Performance improvement: Only change the FTP data type if different from required type
    • 🐎 Performance improvement: Download all files in EOF mode and skip the file size check, unless download progress is required
    • ➕ Added all missing async versions of FTP methods to IFtpClient
    • 🐎 System: Certain core FTP socket handling operations have been changed to improve reliability & performance.


    • 🛠 Fix: Fix hang in TLS activation because no timeout is set on the underlying NetworkStream (thanks @iamjay)


    • ➕ Added async versions of FTP methods to IFtpClient (thanks @peterfortuin)
    • 🛠 Fix: Fixes when ActivePorts is specified in active FTP mode (thanks @ToniMontana)
    • 🛠 Fix: Throw OperationCanceledException instead of FtpException when cancellation is requested (thanks @taoyouh)


    • 🛠 Fix: Add support for checking if file exists on Serv-U FTP Server
    • 🛠 Fix: Make IFtpClient inherit from IDisposable (thanks @repl-andrew-ovens)
    • 💻 (UWP) Fix: UWP does not allow File.Exists() to run in UI thread (thanks @taoyouh)


    • 🛠 Fix: When downloading files in ASCII mode, file length is unreliable therefore we read until EOF
    • 🛠 Fix: When upload/download progress is indeterminate, send -1 instead of NaN or Infinity
    • 🛠 Fix: NetStream was not assigned in FtpSocketStream for .NET Standard in active FTP mode (thanks @ralftar)
    • 🛠 Fix: CurrentDataType was not set for ASCII transfers in DownloadFileAsync/UploadFileAsync (thanks @taoyouh)
    • 🛠 Fix: Sometimes FtpSocketStream and FtpDataStream are not disposed in FtpSocketStream.Dispose (thanks @taoyouh)


    • 🆕 New Progress reporting for UploadFile & DownloadFile methods via IProgress
    • 🛠 Fix: Stream.Position should not be set in UploadFileInternal unless supported


    • 🆕 New Task-based async methods for .NET Standard and .NET Fx 4.5 (thanks @taoyouh)
    • 🆕 New async methods for UploadFile, DownloadFile, UploadFiles & DownloadFiles (thanks @artiomchi)
    • (UWP) Fix: FileNotFoundException with reference System.Console (thanks @artiomchi)
    • (.NET core) Fix: Thread suspends when calling UploadFile or DownloadFile (thanks @artiomchi)
    • (.NET core) Fix: File download hangs inconsistently when reading data from stream (thanks @artiomchi, @bgroenks96)
    • (.NET core) Fix: Stream does not dispose due to wrong handling of closing/disposing (thanks @artiomchi)
    • 🛠 Fix: File upload EOS bug when calling Stream.Read (thanks @bgroenks96, @artiomchi, @taoyouh)
    • 🛠 Fix: DownloadFileInternal not recognizing the download data type
      with EnableThreadSafeConnections (thanks @bgroenks96)
    • (Backend) Migrate to a single VS 2017 solution for all frameworks (thanks @artiomchi)
    • (Backend) Continuous Integration using AppVeyor (thanks @artiomchi)


    • ➕ Add IFtpClient interface to build unit tests upon main FtpClient class (thanks Kris0)
    • Disposing FtpDataStream reads server reply and closes the underlying stream (thanks Lukazoid)


    • 🆕 New SetModifiedTime API to change modified date of a server file in local timezone/UTC
    • ➕ Add type argument to GetModifiedTime, allowing for getting dates in UTC/Local timezone
    • 💥 Breaking changes to Async API of GetModifiedTime (addition of type argument)
    • GetModifiedTime and SetModifiedTime now honor the TimeOffset property in FtpClient
    • ➕ Add checkIfFileExists to OpenRead, OpenAppend and OpenWrite to skip GetFileSize check
    • 🛠 Fix issue where InnerException is null during a file transfer (upload/download)
    • 👌 Improve performance of typical uploads/downloads by skipping the extra file exists check


    • 🛠 Fix for CreateDirectory and DirectoryExists to allow null/blank input path values
    • 🛠 Fix for GetFtpDirectoryName to return correct parent folder of simple folder paths (thanks ww898)


    • ➕ Add argument validation for missing/blank arguments in : Upload, Download, UploadFile(s), DownloadFile(s), GetObjectInfo, DeleteFile, DeleteDirectory, FileExists, DirectoryExists, CreateDirectory, Rename, MoveFile, MoveDirectory, SetFilePermissions, Chmod, GetFilePermissions, GetChmod, GetFileSize, GetModifiedTime, VerifyTransfer, OpenRead, OpenWrite, OpenAppend
    • 👻 Disable all async methods on .NET core due to persistant PlatformUnsupported exception (if you need async you are free to contribute a non-blocking version of the methods)


    • 🐎 Increase performance of GetListing by reading multiple lines at once (BulkListing property, thanks sierrodc)


    • ➕ Add support for parsing AS400 listings inside a file (5 fields) (thanks rharrisxtheta)
    • Retry interpreting file listings after encountered invalid date format (thanks rharrisxtheta)
    • Always switch into binary mode when running SIZE command (thanks rharrisxtheta)


    • 🔀 Honor UploadDataType and DownloadDataType in all sync/async cases (thanks rharrisxtheta)
    • 👮 Force file transfers in BINARY mode for known 0 byte files (thanks rharrisxtheta)
    • 👍 Allow file transfers in ASCII mode if the server doesn't support the SIZE command (thanks rharrisxtheta)


    • 🛠 Fix NullReferenceException when arguments are null during FtpTrace.WriteFunc


    • ✂ Remove internal locking for .NET Standard 1.4 version since unsupported on UWP


    • ✂ Remove dependency on System.Threading.Thread for .NET Standard 1.4 version (for UWP)


    • 👍 Allow transferring files in ASCII/Binary mode with the high-level API (UploadDataType, DownloadDataType)


    • ➕ Add support for .NET 3.5 and .NET Standard 1.4 (supports Universal Windows Platform 10.0)


    • ➕ Add FtpTrace.LogToConsole and LogToFile to control logging in .NET core version


    • ➕ Add PlainTextEncryption API to support FTPS servers and plain-text FTP firewalls (CCC command)
    • 👍 FluentFTP now uses unsafe code to support the CCC command (inside FtpSslStream)
    • If you need a "non unsafe" version of the library please add an issue


    • ➕ Add logging for high-level function calls to improve remote debugging (FtpTrace.LogFunctions)
    • ➕ Add settings to hide sensitive data from logs (FtpTrace.LogIP, LogUserName, LogPassword)
    • ➕ Add RecursiveList to control if recursive listing should be used
    • 🏁 Auto-detect Windows CE and disable recursive listing during DeleteDirectory()

Previous changes from v17.4.2

  • 🚀 Major release with lots of new and exciting features:


    • ➕ Add UploadRateLimit and DownloadRateLimit to control the speed of data transfer (thanks Danie-Brink)


    • 🛠 Fix parsing of LinkTarget during GetListing() on Unix FTP servers
    • 👌 Improve logging clarity by removing "FluentFTP" prefix in TraceSource


    • ➕ Add MoveFile() and MoveDirectory() to move files and directories safely


    • Automatically verify checksum of a file after upload/download (thanks jblacker)
    • 🔧 Configurable error handling (abort/throw/ignore) for file transfers (thanks jblacker)
    • 🌲 Multiple log levels for tracing/logging debug output in FtpTrace (thanks jblacker)


    • Simplify DeleteDirectory() API - the force and fastMode args are no longer required
    • ✂ DeleteDirectory() is faster since it uses one recursive file listing instead of many


    • Split stream API into Upload()/UploadFile() and Download()/DownloadFile()


    • 🐎 Greatly improve performance of FileExists() and GetNameListing()
    • ➕ Add new OS-specific directory listing parsers to GetListing() and GetObjectInfo()
    • 👌 Support GetObjectInfo() even if machine listings are not supported by the server
    • ➕ Add existsMode to UploadFile() and UploadFiles() allowing for skip/overwrite and append
    • ✂ Remove all usages of string.Format to fix reliability issues caused with UTF filenames
    • 🛠 Fix issue of broken files when uploading/downloading through a proxy (thanks Zoltan666)
    • GetReply() is now public so users of OpenRead/OpenAppend/OpenWrite can call it after


    • ➕ Add async/await support to all methods for .NET 4.5 and onwards (thanks jblacker)


    • ➕ Add UploadFiles() and DownloadFiles() which is faster than single file transfers
    • 👍 Allow disabling UTF mode using DisableUTF8 API


    • 🚀 First .NET Core release (DNXCore5.0) using Visual Studio 2017 project and shared codebase.
    • 👌 Support for .NET 2.0 also added with shims for LINQ commands needed.


    • ➕ Add FtpListOption.IncludeSelfAndParent to GetListing()


    • 🐎 Use streams during upload/download of files to improve performance with large files