The JS HTML5 Gamepad Api is a fairly new technology, which means that not every browser and device supports it yet. However, since the Gamepad Api is implemented in javascript, it can be used in any modern browser.

I'm going to assume you've never coded or seen this api before so I'll walk you through what exactly it does, show you how to install it, and also how to setup a simple example of using the api to display information about your gamepads..

Programming language: JavaScript
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 only
Tags: API     Web     HTML     CSS     Html5    

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Gamepads are often used as replacements for Mouse / Keyboard. While it is not possible to use them with every game, there are several games available that support gamepad controls, especially console ports of PC titles or even games designed for gamepad controls in the first place. To ensure maximum compatibility, Windows uses a default gamepad driver which supports a wide variety of gamepads. The most notable exception is the Xbox controllers, which still use XBCD for their enhanced features (e.g., force feedback). Therefore I have decided to make an easy test for gamers to test their gamepad controller devices on the go online without wasting any time trying to install third-party softwares which are usually out of order on their PCs to get the job done.

This project is inspired by the work of @greggman and tweaks his work a little bit for a better user experience, all credit goes to him for this amazing work and for making my job easy.

Attributes of this web application

An updated version of the USB Joystick/Controller Test Web Application, this web application is a simple test that you can use to test the input on your gamepad controller. The purpose of this program is to test the input from your gamepad controller, it will work with any gamepad controller supported by Windows. This application simply shows you basic information about your gamepad such as what buttons are pressed, etc.


Test your gamepad on Gamepad Test OR https://online-gamepad-test.stackblitz.io/

[Gamepad Controller Test in Work](gamepad-controller-test.png)