A fast, fun and stimulating object to object Mapper

Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Latest version: v7.0.1

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Mapster - The Mapper of Your Domain

Writing mapping methods is a machine job. Do not waste your time, let Mapster do it.


Get it

PM> Install-Package Mapster

Basic usage

Mapping to a new object

Mapster creates the destination object and maps values to it.

var destObject = sourceObject.Adapt<Destination>();
Mapping to an existing object

You create the object, Mapster maps to the object.

Queryable Extensions

Mapster also provides extensions to map queryables.

using (MyDbContext context = new MyDbContext())
    // Build a Select Expression from DTO
    var destinations = context.Sources.ProjectToType<Destination>().ToList();

    // Versus creating by hand:
    var destinations = context.Sources.Select(c => new Destination {
        Id = c.Id,
        Name = c.Name,
        Surname = c.Surname,
Generating models & mappers

No need to write your own DTO classes. Mapster provides Mapster.Tool to help you generating models. And if you would like to have explicit mapping, Mapster also generates mapper class for you.

[AdaptTo("[name]Dto"), GenerateMapper]
public class Student {

Then Mapster will generate:

public class StudentDto {
public static class StudentMapper {
    public static StudentDto AdaptToDto(this Student poco) { ... }
    public static StudentDto AdaptTo(this Student poco, StudentDto dto) { ... }
    public static Expression<Func<Student, StudentDto>> ProjectToDto => ...

What's new

Why Mapster?

Performance & Memory efficient

Mapster was designed to be efficient on both speed and memory. You could gain a 4x performance improvement whilst using only 1/3 of memory. And you could gain up to 12x faster performance with

Method Mean StdDev Error Gen 0 Gen 1 Gen 2 Allocated
'Mapster 6.0.0' 108.59 ms 1.198 ms 1.811 ms 31000.0000 - - 124.36 MB
'Mapster 6.0.0 (Roslyn)' 38.45 ms 0.494 ms 0.830 ms 31142.8571 - - 124.36 MB
'Mapster 6.0.0 (FEC)' 37.03 ms 0.281 ms 0.472 ms 29642.8571 - - 118.26 MB
'Mapster 6.0.0 (Codegen)' 34.16 ms 0.209 ms 0.316 ms 31133.3333 - - 124.36 MB
'ExpressMapper 1.9.1' 205.78 ms 5.357 ms 8.098 ms 59000.0000 - - 236.51 MB
'AutoMapper 10.0.0' 420.97 ms 23.266 ms 35.174 ms 87000.0000 - - 350.95 MB
Step into debugging

Step-into debugging lets you debug your mapping and inspect values just like your code. image

Code Generation

Code generation allows you to

  • Validate mapping at compile time
  • Getting raw performance
  • Seeing your mapping code & debugging
  • Finding usage of your models' properties

There are currently two tools which you can choose based on your preferences.

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JetBrains kindly provides Mapster with a free open-source licence for their Resharper and Rider.

  • Resharper makes Visual Studio a much better IDE
  • Rider is fast & powerful cross platform .NET IDE