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MassTransit is a free, open-source distributed application framework for .NET. MassTransit makes it easy to create applications and services that leverage message-based, loosely-coupled asynchronous communication for higher availability, reliability, and scalability.

Mass Transit

MassTransit is Apache 2.0 licensed.

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MassTransit Nuget Packages

Package Name FullFramework .NET Standard
MassTransit 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Host 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Reactive 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.SignalR - 2.0
MassTransit.TestFramework 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Autofac 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Extensions.DependencyInjection 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Lamar 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Ninject 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.SimpleInjector 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.StructureMap 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Unity 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.CastleWindsor 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.AspNetCore 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Dapper 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.DocumentDb 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.EntityFrameworkCore 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.EntityFramework 4.6.1 2.1
MassTransit.Marten 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.MongoDb 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.NHibernate 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Redis 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.ActiveMQ 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.AmazonSQS 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Azure.ServiceBus.Core 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.Http 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.RabbitMQ 4.6.1 2.0
MassTransit.WebJobs.EventHubs - 2.0
MassTransit.WebJobs.ServiceBus - 2.0

Getting started with MassTransit

In order to get started with MassTransit, you can have a look at the documentation, which is located at http://masstransit-project.com/.

Simplest possible thing:

install-package MassTransit.RabbitMq

and then:

// Message Definition
class MyMessage
    public string Value { get; set; }

// Code Snippet for Console Application
async Task Main()
    var bus = Bus.Factory.CreateUsingRabbitMq(sbc =>
        var host = sbc.Host("localhost"), h =>

        sbc.ReceiveEndpoint(host, "my_queue", endpoint =>
            endpoint.Handler<MyMessage>(async context =>
                await Console.Out.WriteLineAsync($"Received: {context.Message.Value}");

    await bus.StartAsync();

    await bus.Publish(new MyMessage { Value = "Hello, World." });


    await bus.StopAsync();

You will also need to set up RabbitMQ;

  1. Install Erlang using the installer. (Next -> Next ...)
  2. Install RabbitMQ using the installer. (Next -> Next ...) You now have a RabbitMQ broker (look in services.msc for it) that you can log into using guest, guest. You can see message rates, routings and active consumers using this interface.

Please note

You need to add the management interface before you can login. First, from an elevated command prompt, change directory to the sbin folder within the RabbitMQ Server installation directory e.g. %PROGRAMFILES%\RabbitMQ Server\rabbitmq_server_3.5.3\sbin\

Next, run the following command to enable the rabbitmq management plugin:

rabbitmq-plugins.bat enable rabbitmq_management


Download from NuGet 'MassTransit' Search NuGet for MassTransit

Download the continuously integrated Nuget packages from AppVeyor.

Supported transports

We support RabbitMQ and Azure Service Bus message brokers.

Mailing list

MassTransit Discuss


Get help live at the MassTransit Discord server.

alt Join the conversation

Gitter Chat

While Discord is preferrred, the Gitter chat room is still available:

Join the chat at https://gitter.im/MassTransit/MassTransit

GitHub Issues

Pay attention

Please do not open an issue on github, unless you have spotted an actual bug in MassTransit. If you are unsure, ask on the mailing list, and if we confirm it's a bug, we'll ask you to create the issue. Issues are not the place for questions, and they'll likely be closed.

This policy is in place to avoid bugs being drowned out in a pile of sensible suggestions for future enhancements and calls for help from people who forget to check back if they get it and so on.

Building from Source

  1. Install the latest .NET Core 3.1 SDK.
  2. Clone the source down to your machine. bash git clone git://github.com/MassTransit/MassTransit.git
  3. Run build.ps1 or build.sh.


  1. Turn off autocrlf. bash git config core.autocrlf false
  2. Hack!
  3. Make a pull request.


MassTransit is built on AppVeyor


  • .Net 4.6.1 or .NET Standard 2.0


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*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the MassTransit README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.