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Introducing .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI)


  • Multi-platform native UI
  • Deploy to multiple devices across mobile & desktop
  • Using a single project, single codebase
  • Evolution of Xamarin.Forms
  • Targeting .NET 6, previews end of year

Current News


Watch our December 2020 .NET Community Standup report for the latest information about our progress on .NET MAUI and .NET 6.

Additional live streams and presentations:

Status: Active Development

While Xamarin.Forms continues to be actively supported through November 2022, we are making evolutionary changes based on customer research of what would be most beneficial. Current areas of focus are:

  • Porting renderers to handlers (spec)
  • Adapting layouts for handlers
  • WinUI 3 preview 3 early spike
  • Mac Catalyst early evaluation

Active development is happening today to build Android and iOS SDKs against .NET 6. Samples may be found here.


  • Improve app performance
  • Improve simplicity of control extensibility
  • Improve simplicity of contributing
  • Enable developer options to use Model-View-Update (MVU) and Blazor


.NET MAUI and mobile SDK support will ship in concert with .NET 6. At present we do not have a shipping schedule for .NET 6.


  • .NET MAUI previews Q4 2020 through Q3 2021
  • .NET MAUI release candidate September 2021
  • .NET MAUI general availability November 2021

Xamarin.Forms vs .NET MAUI

Xamarin.Forms .NET MAUI
Android API 19+ API 21+
iOS 9-15 10+
Linux Community Community
macOS Community Microsoft
Tizen Samsung Samsung
Windows UWP MicrosoftWPF Community Microsoft*
Renderers Tightly coupled to BindableObject Loosely coupled, no Xamarin.Forms dependencies
App Models MVVM MVVM
MVU **
Blazor **
Single Project No Yes
Multi-targeting No Yes
Multi-window No Yes
.NET Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android, Mono, .NET Framework, ... .NET 6+
XAML Hot Reload Experimental: SDK 4.x & Visual Studio 2019 prior to version 16.9Feature Complete: SDK 5.x & Visual Studio 2019 version 16.9 or newer Yes
.NET Hot Reload iOS/Android – NoUWP – Limited support for runtime edits using .NET “Edit & Continue” Yes
Acquisition NuGet & Visual Studio Installer dotnet
Project System Franken-proj SDK Style
dotnet CLI No Yes
Visual Studio 2019 Yes Yes
Visual Studio 2019 for Mac Yes Yes
Visual Studio Code No Experimental***

* The Windows implementation is expected to be WinUI 3, pending GA release.

** These app models are experimental.

*** Visual Studio Code will work by virtue of .NET unification, however not all experiences that make .NET MAUI development delightful (intellisense for example) may be enabled at the time of .NET 6 release.


Do you have questions? Do not worry, we have prepared a complete FAQ answering the most common questions.

How to Engage, Contribute, and Give Feedback

Some of the best ways to [contribute](./CONTRIBUTING.md) are to try things out, file issues, join in design conversations, and make pull-requests. Proposals for changes specific to MAUI can be found [here for discussion](../../issues).


Code of conduct