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Latest version: v7.0.0

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MicroLite is a .NET 4.5 library providing a small lightweight or "micro" object relational mapping (ORM) for the Microsoft .NET framework. Its purpose is to provide a flexible and powerful feature set whilst maintaining a simple and concise API.


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Headline Features

  • It only references the .NET base class libraries (no dependencies outside the .NET framework itself).
  • Extensions to allow MicroLite log messages to be logged via log4net or NLog
  • Extension support to quickly develop applications using ASP.NET MVC and WebApi
  • Native support for Enum, Uri, and XDocument properties on mapped classes
  • An extensible pipeline which allows 'plugging in' custom Type Converters or Session Listeners
  • Easily managed by IOC containers
  • Fluent configuration API
  • Fluent SQL Builder which makes it easier to create more complex queries
  • Interface based API which makes unit testing easy

SQL Support

Supported .NET Versions

The NuGet Package contains binaries compiled against:

  • .NET Framework 4.5

To find out more, head over to the Wiki.