MongoDB v2.7.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-06-27 // over 1 year ago
  • 🚀 .NET Driver Version 2.7.0 Release Notes

    👍 The main new features of 2.7.0 are support for new features of the 4.0.0 version of the server including:

    • Transactions
    • 🆕 New CountDocuments and EstimatedDocumentCount methods (depending on whether you need an exact result or a fast estimate)
    • 👌 Support for change streams on all collections in a cluster or a particular database via the new Watch methods on IMongoClient and IMongoDatabase
    • SCRAM-SHA-256 authentication

    🚀 An online version of these release notes is available at:


    🚀 The list of JIRA tickets resolved in this release is available at:

    📚 Documentation on the .NET driver can be found at:

    ⬆️ Upgrading

    The .NET Driver now disables certificate revocation checking by default, setting CheckCertificateRevocation in SslSettings to false by default. Any applications relying on the older default of true now must explicitly set CheckCertificateRevocation to true in SslSettings to re-enable certificate revocation checking.

    Previously, the driver enabled certificate revocation checking by default, in contrast to the mongo shell and other MongoDB drivers. This was also in contrast to .NET's defaults for SslStream (see .NET Framework documentation here and .NET Standard documentation here).

    Known Issues:

    • 👍 Incomplete SCRAM-SHA-256 Support in .NET Standard: In .NET Standard, authenticating via SCRAM-SHA-256 may not work with non-ASCII passwords because SaslPrep is not fully implemented due to the lack of a string normalization function in .NET Standard 1.5. Normalizing the password into Unicode Normalization Form KC beforehand MAY help. SCRAM-SHA-1 is the recommended alternative (when targeting .NET Standard) for now.