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  • v1.0.0 Changes

    October 28, 2017


    • 🐎 Massive performance improvement on updates from C# on both large data and frequent updates scenario.
    • 👌 Support of byte and sbyte types.
    • Conversion of dictionary with key string to javascript object.
    • 👌 Support dynamic objects conversion: both ExpandoObject and inheritors of DynamicObject.
    • Support to Bindable attribute.
    • 👀 Introduction of ICommand<T>, ISimpleCommand<T> and ICommandWithoutParameter as well as corresponding RelayCommand to better control command argument type. See here for full details


    • 👌 Support of pack-uri allowing usage of resource type file to be used as HTML, CSS and javascript files thanks to lhyqy5. Documentation here.


    • Upgrade to Vue.js v2.5.2
    • Upgrade to Vue devtools v3.1.3
    • Possibility to set Vue instance options (useful for using vue-router or vue-i18n for example) see here.
    • 🐎 Performance improvement on update from C#


    Migrating to version 1.0.0

    • If you need to upgrade from v.0.6.0, see here the guidelines

    🐛 Bug Fix:

    • ⚡️ Correction of reentrance bug on update from javascript causing none update in some edge cases.

    Complete doc here