Started in April 2017, NUKE is a free, open-source build automation system for C#/.NET. It runs on any platform (.NET Core, .NET Framework, Mono) and integrates natively with all IDEs (VisualStudio, JetBrains Rider, etc.). While builds are bootstrapped with conventional scripts (build.ps1 or build.sh), their actual implementation is based on simple C# console applications. This allows IDE features like code-completion, refactorings and debugging to be used as usual. One further step is that build steps are actual symbols (expression-bodied properties) and therefore provide superior navigation and type-safety.

Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
Tags: Build Automation    

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We've traditionally used a scripting approach via PowerShell scripts, which at some point became too hard to maintain. While evaluating multiple other options, such as Cake, we found that Nuke was simply the far more powerful option. We've been able to extend it easily and found the full IDE support to be a really great plus. Nuke has evolved quite a bit and got more features with every release. We do not miss anything for our projects, which consist mostly of .NET and npm based work.

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