Open Live Writer v0.6.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-05-23 // over 4 years ago
  • 🚀 You can download and install the latest release from

    🚀 > Note: Our previous code signing certificate has expired, so this release is signed by a new code signing certificate. Because of this, you may receive warnings from Windows Defender SmartScreen when you run
    👀 > the installer, indicating that the program is not commonly downloaded and may be unsafe. For more information, see this help page.

    🚀 This is primarily a maintenance release to handle issues with publishing images due to Google Blogger. They'd made some changes to how images are uploaded to Google Photos that prevent Open Live Writer from automatically configuring photo publishing. We've added some extra steps to try to configure it, and if we can't set it up for you automatically we link to a help page that shows you how to set it up.

    🛠 We also added in a few smaller bug fixes and improvements listed below, mostly submitted by the community. Thanks!!!

    👍 We added a few features for better High DPI monitor support.

    🚀 As part of this release, we put a lot of work into making it easier for us to publish new releases. We've automated our build and sign process, so each code check-in will build a new installer for us. There's still some work to do on the Windows Store release process, but we've got a good start on that as well. Well this doesn't immediately translate to any new feature in this release today, it will help you get more frequent updates with both bug fixes and new features going forward.

    🚀 Special thanks to our contributors for this release:
    @ScottIsAFool @vhanla @hashhar @zivkan @paulcbetts @onovotny @kathweaver @gruenwaldt @flcdrg @nimesh-madhavan @lextm

    🐛 Bug fixes

    #562 Error: Can't Publish Files- The remote server returned an error: (501) Not Implemented

    This is the master issue for the Google Blogger image publishing problem. Other issues associated with this problem include #608, #600, and #564

    #437 Blogger dynamic templates
    🛠 #438 Fixed WordCounter regex to support Hebrew/Arabic
    👍 #521 Support atompub service link with relative url
    #487 Adding new intillesense db file to gitignore. Minor annoyance

    👌 Improvements

    ⚡️ #589 Several NuGet packages should be updated

    🔋 Features

    #450 Fix scaling of categories dropdown and options dialog
    👍 #585 Implement per-monitor DPI Support
    👍 #180 Add support to CSS3 templates

Previous changes from v0.6.0.0

  • 🚀 You can download and install the latest release from

    🚀 This release contains two major new features, spellchecking and categories for Google Blogger!

    For spellchecking to work you'll need to have Windows 8 or newer installed (Windows 7 does not have spellchecking support) and you’ll need to install your preferred input language in Windows to enable spellchecking in that language. Only one language can be spellchecked in Writer at a time, but you can change the language at any time by going to File > Options > Spelling and choosing a new dictionary language.

    🚀 Google Blogger categories will automatically populate for easy tagging of your blog posts. In addition to categories, there are several other Google Blogger bug fixes in this release. The most notable issues were time zone differences causing scheduled posts to be scheduled at the incorrect time, failing to open drafts that were posted to Blogger, and failing to download and open posts from Blogger that are older than your most recent 500 posts.

    🚀 Special thanks to our contributors for this release:
    @ScottIsAFool @bbowyersmyth @kathweaver @jannavarro @hashhar @martinwoodward @willduff @jmbucknall

    🐛 Bug fixes

    #190 - Saving doesn't mark categories as saved
    #103 - Errors when using invalid url to insert an image
    #323 - ArgumentNullException when getting recent posts on empty blog
    #301 - Can't retrieve drafts from Google Blogger
    #247 - Can't Edit Old Blogger Posts (>500)
    ⏱ #224 - Google Blogger scheduled post is scheduled at the wrong time

    👌 Improvements

    #239 - Fix issue with spaces in username
    ✅ #281 - Test Plans

    🔋 Features

    #130 - Add spell check feature back in OLW
    👍 #234 - Support Blogger categories