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Programming language: C#
License: MIT License

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OzCode Demos

This repository contains several open source demos that showcase the features of OzCode. Our aim is to help users explore OzCode, and learn how it enhances Visual Studio debugging.
Each folder contains a demo and an easy to follow script that will explain more about that feature, and show common use cases.

Getting started

  1. Download OzCode from: http://www.oz-code.com/
  2. Clone this repository OR use "Download ZIP"
  3. Open OzCodeDemo.sln file in Visual Studio
  4. Compile and Run
  5. Find the md file for the relevant feature (below) and follow the instructions.

Features documented

  • [Reveal](OzCodeDemo/01.Reveal/README.md)
  • [Search](OzCodeDemo/02.Search/README.md)
  • [Show All Instances](OzCodeDemo/03.ShowAllInstances/README.md)
  • [Conditional Breakpoints](OzCodeDemo/04.ConditionalBreakpoints/README.md)
  • [Exception Trail](OzCodeDemo/05.ExceptionTrail/README.md)
  • [When Set... Break](OzCodeDemo/06.WhenSetBreakDemo/README.md)
  • [Filter Collections](OzCodeDemo/07.FilterCollections/README.md)
  • [Trace](OzCodeDemo/08.Trace/README.md)
  • [Magic Glance](OzCodeDemo/09.MagicGlance/README.md)
  • [Predict the Future](OzCodeDemo/10.Predict/README.md)
  • [Custom Expressions](OzCodeDemo/11.CustomExpressions/README.md)
  • [Export](OzCodeDemo/12.Export/README.md)
  • [LINQ Debugging](OzCodeDemo/13.LINQ/README.md)
  • [Compare](OzCodeDemo/14.Compare/README.md)

About OzCode

OzCode was created because we wanted a tool to accelerate and enhance our day-to-day debugging in Visual Studio. Our goal was to design a debugging environment that would be a pleasure to work with.