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  • P

    7.7 8.5 L1 C#
    P is a language for asynchronous event-driven programming.
  • PeachPie

    7.6 9.8 C#
    PeachPie is a PHP compiler and runtime for .NET and .NET Core, which allows entire PHP applications to run on the modern, secure and performant .NET and .NET Core platforms.
  • Iron python

    6.5 6.8 Python
    A python 2 implementation that is integrated with the dot net framework.
  • Hybridizer

    3.3 1.7 C#
    CIL (C#, VB.Net, F#) to CUDA compiler. [$]
  • Mond

    3.3 5.0 C#
    A dynamically typed scripting language written in C# with a REPL, debugger, and simple embedding API.
  • Testura.Code

    3.2 4.1 C#
    Wrapper around the Roslyn API and used for generation, saving and and compiling C# code. It provides methods and helpers to generate classes, methods, statements and expressions.
  • Amplifier.NET

    2.2 4.9 C#
    Write and compile your own kernel function using C# and Amplifier will take care of running it on your favorite hardware. Amplifier allows .NET developers to easily run complex applications with intensive mathematical computation on Intel CPU/GPU, NVIDIA, AMD without writing any additional C kernel code.