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  • StackExchange Redis

    9.5 8.2 L2 C#
    General purpose redis client from StackExchange
  • ServiceStack Redis

    8.8 6.8 L3 C#
    .NET's leading C# Redis Client
  • NetMQ

    8.5 8.1 L3 C#
    NetMQ is 100% native C# port of ZeroMQ
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  • Confluent's .NET Client for Apache KafkaTM

    8.4 7.0 C#
    Confluent's Apache Kafka .NET client
  • CacheManager

    8.1 0.9 L3 C#
    A common interface and abstraction layer for caching.
  • Foundatio

    7.3 8.5 C#
    A common interface with in memory, redis and hybrid implementations.
  • Brighter

    7.2 8.8 C#
    Command Dispatcher, Processor, and Distributed Task Queue
  • NCache

    5.5 1.3 C#
    NCache is an extremely fast and scalable Open Source distributed cache for .NET applications. Use NCache for database caching, ASP.NET Session State storage, ASP.NET View State Caching, and much more.
  • IdGen

    5.2 5.7 L5 C#
    Twitter Snowflake-alike ID generator for .Net
  • Orleankka

    5.1 6.3 L5 C#
    Orleankka is a functional API for Microsoft Orleans framework. It is highly suitable for scenarios where having composable, uniform communication interface is preferable, such as: CQRS, event-sourcing, re-routing, FSM, etc. Additional API avaiable for F# called Orleankka.FSharp.
  • FsShelter

    2.1 0.0 L2 C#
    F# library for authoring Apache Storm components and topologies. Offering high-level abstractions for distributed and fault-tolerant event stream processing.
  • Mailcloud.Hydra

    1.8 2.2 L5 C#
    A set of components to take the most advantage of performance and capacity of Azure Storage.
  • Cache Tower

    1.8 8.1 C#
    An efficient multi-layered caching system for .NET