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  • ImageSharp

    9.2 9.7 C#
    📷 A cross-platform library for the processing of image files; written in C#
  • OpenCvSharp

    8.8 9.5 C#
    Cross platform wrapper of OpenCV for .NET Framework.
  • Magick.NET

    7.4 9.5 L2 C#
    .NET wrapper for the ImageMagick library.
  • DynamicImage

    3.5 0.0 L3 C#
    High-performance open-source image manipulation library for ASP.NET.
  • Colourful

    3.0 7.3 C#
    Open source .NET library for working with color spaces.
  • Imgix-CSharp

    1.7 2.7 C#
    Easily update image urls to be fast and responsive. [$]
  • Emgu CV

    - -
    Cross-platform .NET wrapper for the OpenCV library.
  • TeximpNet

    - -
    A cross-platform .NET Standard library for reading/manipulating/writing image files. The primary focus is to create 2D/3D/Cubemap textures for graphics/game applications, notably to convert images to GPU compressed formats and generate mipmaps. The library wraps the FreeImage native library to import/export over 30 common image formats, and wraps the Nvidia Texture Tools native library for GPU compression features. It also has a fully featured DDS format importer/exporter written in C#.