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Refactoring Essentials for Visual Studio

@vsrefactoring | vsrefactoringessentials.com

Refactorings Essentials sports the following features:

  • Refactorings for C# and Visual Basic
  • Analyzers and code fixes for C# and Visual Basic
  • Code Converters to convert C# to Visual Basic and vice versa (VB to C#) - now available separately via https://github.com/icsharpcode/CodeConverter/

Refactoring Essentials comes in the following flavors:

  • VSIX: built for Visual Studio - supports analyzers and refactorings
  • Nuget: packaged for build servers / IDEs that support analyzers via Nuget packages
  • RefactoringEssentials assembly: usable in any IDE (-like environment), base assembly with all features

The latter means it is x-platform and not tied to Windows / Visual Studio.

History: Refactoring Essentials started out as NR6Pack, and was part of the NRefactory 6 repository. In the course of
joint development, we made architectural tweaks that resulted in the two projects now being separate - which makes them easier to maintain and contribute to.

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