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  • v1.10.10 Changes

    March 01, 2020

    RepoDb.SqlServer.BulkOperations v1.0.4:

    • ✅ Referenced the latest version of RepoDb.Core (v1.10.10).
    • ⚡️ Fully supported the Bulk Operations (BulkDelete, BulkInsert, BulkMerge and BulkUpdate) for both System.Data.SqlClient and Microsoft.Data.SqlClient namespace.
    • ⚡️ Auto set the options to SqlBulkCopyOptions.KeepIdentity for BulkDelete, BulkMerge and BulkUpdate (if there an identity primary/column from the DB).
    • 👉 Used an underscore over dashes when composing the temporary/pseudo tables.
    • ➕ Added an extensive Integration Tests for all Bulk methods (both SDS and MDS namespaces).

    RepoDb.Core v1.10.10:

    • 🔋 Features: Full support to Bulk Operations (BulkDelete, BulkInsert, BulkMerge and BulkUpdate).
    • ✨ Enhancement: AsFieldsAsAliasFields - added left and right aliases.
    • ✨ Enhancement: XML Documentation updates for the SQL Statement Builders.
    • ✨ Enhancement: Add a Type extended method named IsNullable.
    • 🐛 Bug: Solve the intermittent "NullReferenceException" when calling the Batch Operations (ie: InsertAll, MergeAll, UpdateAll). #392
    • 🐛 Bug: The property handlers mapped via PropertyTypeHandlerMapper is failing if both NULLABLE and NON-NULLABLE property types are present in the class. #394
  • v1.10.6 Changes

    February 06, 2020

    🚀 This is the first stable release of RepoDb together with all its extensions (RepoDb.MySql, RepoDb.SqLite, RepoDb.PostgreSql).

  • v1.0.16-SqLite Changes

    August 03, 2020

    RepoDb.SqLite (v1.0.16)

    • 👌 Supported both the drivers from System.Data.SQLite.Core and Microsoft.Data.Sqlite.
    • The switch from System.Data.SQLite.Core to Microsoft.Data.SQLite.Core is a pretty big breaking change #497.


  • v1.0.9-mysqlconnector Changes

    June 02, 2020

    RepoDb.MySql (v1.0.0)

    • 🎉 Initial release to MySqlConnector. References (#446, Commits).
    • ➕ Added the extensive Unit Tests and Integration Tests for MySqlConnector.
    • ➕ Added the AppVeyor for MySqlConnector.

    RepoDb.SqlServer.BulkOperations (v1.0.9)

    • Enhacement: Return the identity values during the BulkInsert and BulkMerge. #396
    • ➕ Added the BulkOperationIdentitiesResult class to cater the bulk operation results for BulkInsert and BulkMerge.
    • ➕ Added the isReturnIdentity and usePhysicalPseudoTempTable arguments in the BulkInsert and BulkMerge operations.
    • ➕ Added the hints argument in the BulkInsert operations.
    • ➕ Added more Integration Tests to cater the changes made for isReturnIdentity and hints arguments.

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