RepoZ v5.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-01 // about 2 months ago
  • It's the details ...

    🍱 RepoZ 5.2 is here and wow - you won't even notice. 🚀

    Actually, I fixed some minor but annoying issues and updated grr and grrui. Let's dig in:

    grr and grrui can now return & copy the directory of a repository. Use the "Get Directory" command grr gd .... This will write the repository directory to stdout and additionally copy it to your clipboard. In grrui , there's a new button for that.

    Don't miss to learn about the power of grr with grr help!

    Speaking of grr and grrui , they're both neat .NET Core 3.1 apps now ❤️

    🛠 Even more important are the minor bug fixes like the following (and some I won't even mention):

    • 🏁 an issue with the Windows Terminal Preview in combination with grr cd ... (#95)
    • an issue with opening files with grr open ... (#94)
    • a rendering issue #87 which should finally be gone for good

    As always, I hope you enjoy using RepoZ.

    If you think you do, please consider to star this repository.
    If you really do, I'm also on Twitter: Twitter Waescher. Follow me.

    🍱 Have fun ✋

Previous changes from v5.1

  • Time to improve

    👀 It has been a quiet time in here even though the download count is still rising. I'm happy to see this, thank you.
    🏗 In meantime, I found some time to improve and build a minor version for you.

    👀 Let's see.

    💻 UI-Improvements

    🚀 The most prominent change in this release should be the changes to the UI. The following image shows version 5.0 on the left side versus 5.1 on the right.
    👍 The status string is now rendered within a light border and uses a monospace font. I think it reflects its close relationship to the source code better now. I hope you like it.


    💅 You'll find the same style in RepoZ for macOS as well.

    Screenshot 2019-07-29 at 15 49 58


    👍 Thanks to our friend @pedoc and his Pull Request #84, RepoZ now comes with localization support. Right now, English, German and Chinese are supported.

    🍱 Cheers mate 🍺


    RepoZ is a great tool to track unfinished work over all repositories. Until now, this included uncommited file changes or commits you did not push yet.
    Starting with version 5.1, RepoZ will also show the count of the stashes you parked away in the past within the status string.


    Filter on todo's

    As stated out above, RepoZ can be very handy to track unfinished work. However, one thing that has been missing for me personally was the possibility to get an overview of these changed ones exclusively.
    That's where version 5.1 comes in: By using the predefined filter todo, you can filter on repositories with unfinished work, like uncommited file changes, unpushed commits or as written above: repositories with stashed changes.


    Of course, this is also possible with grr and grrui.



    Unfortunately, grrui still has to use alternative characters because the awesome Terminal UI library gui.cs from Miguel de Icaza does not support the characters RepoZ uses, yet. More details over here.

    You don't have to memorize predefined filters and the filter targets I wrote about as version 5.0 came out. It's all in the help screen of grr --help


    Minor improvements

    🛠 As always, there are a few minor improvements to make RepoZ even more reliable. One of these fixes issue #76 , an issue I encountered a few times in the past when my dev machine ran a few weeks 24/7.

    🏁 If you're using the new Windows Terminal preview, you may be happy to hear that grr cd ... is now able to change the directory there as well.

    ⚡️ Some users reported ugly UI glitches #87 with the latest Windows update. This is fixed now as well.

    As always, I hope you enjoy using RepoZ.

    If you think you do, please consider to star this repository.
    If you really do, I'm also on Twitter: Twitter Waescher. Follow me.

    🍱 Have fun ✋