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Linq Resources

Showing the most recent resources. The latest one is from 2018-02-02.
  • Assume you have products and categories. A client says that it is necessary to use other business processes for the categories with the rating value higher than 50. You have a solid experience and you understand that tomorrow this value may be different – 127.37. In this article we will learn how to deal with such situations.
    Article  Added by Nathan // // 9 months ago
  • In this episode I talk about BenchmarkDotNet.

    I benchmark 2 C# methods -1 containing some LINQ methods- on .NET Core and also on Full Framework with BenchmarkDotNet.
    Tutorial  Added by gregkalapos // // 9 months ago
  • As a .Net Developer, you are surely a big fan of LINQ. If you ain't, you should, cause LINQ is awesome and this post resumes why it can be addictive. Once you master it, you will surely never let it go.
    Article  Added by DamienDoumer // // 4 months ago