Code Quality Rank: L3
Programming language: C#
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: Driver     Database     Rethinkdb     Reql    
Latest version: v2.4.0-beta

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Project Description

A RethinkDB database driver written in C# with 100% ReQL API compatibility and completeness.

This driver is based on the official Java Driver. The basic mechanics and architecture of both drivers are the same. Except this C# driver is a bit more cool, stylish and kick-ass. :sunglasses:

Standout Features The Crypto Tip Jar!

Open-Source and Commercial Licensing

This open-source driver is dual-licensed. Please read below about SSL/TLS restrictions.

Commercial License

A commercial license is required if any part of this driver is used to communicate with a RethinkDB (server or proxy) using SSL/TLS encryption. A commercial license is also required if any part of this driver is used to interact with Compose.IO. Commercial licenses are sold by Bit Armory Inc and are available for purchase here. More information about commercial licensing can be found here.

Open-Source License

As long as SSL/TLS is not used when communicating with a RethinkDB (server or proxy), the driver is free to use for commercial and non-commercial applications and is covered under a modified Apache License 2.0.

Getting Help

Commercial Support

Independent commercial support and consulting are available for this driver. To ensure best practices in .NET, proper driver usage, training, and critical bug fixes for the C# driver contact Brian Chavez (twitter, email) for more information.

Community Support

Slack and Discord are the primary means of getting help for free. If your C# related question can't be answered by anyone tag @bchavez in your question.

Download & Install

NuGet Package RethinkDb.Driver

Install-Package RethinkDb.Driver

Supported Runtimes



Mac OS X

.NET Framework v4.5 n/a n/a .NET Standard All platforms supporting .NET Standard 2.0 or higher.Eg: .NET Core 2.0. Mono All platforms 4.0.2 SR2 or higher RethinkDB server 2.3.0 or higher


ReGrid File Storage

Driver Development

RethinkDB Discord Help RethinkDB Gitter Help

Quick Examples

public static RethinkDB R = RethinkDB.R;

public void can_connect()
    var c = R.Connection()

    int result = R.Random(1, 9).Add(R.Random(1, 9)).Run<int>(c);
// Output: 8

public void insert_poco_without_id()
    var obj = new Foo { Bar = 1, Baz = 2};
    var result = R.Db("mydb").Table("mytable").Insert(obj).Run(conn);
    //JObject: Insert Response
      "deleted": 0,
      "errors": 0,
      "generated_keys": [
      "inserted": 1,
      "replaced": 0,
      "skipped": 0,
      "unchanged": 0

public void insert_an_array_of_pocos()
    var list = new[]
            new Foo {id = "a", Baz = 1, Bar = 1},
            new Foo {id = "b", Baz = 2, Bar = 2},
            new Foo {id = "c", Baz = 3, Bar = 3}
    var result = R.Db("mydb").Table("mytable").Insert(list).Run(conn);
    //JObject Insert Response
      "deleted": 0,
      "errors": 0,
      "inserted": 3,
      "replaced": 0,
      "skipped": 0,
      "unchanged": 0

public void get_a_poco()
    Foo foo = R.Db("mydb").Table("mytable").Get("abc").Run<Foo>(conn);
//Foo Object
      "id": "abc",
      "Bar": 1,
      "Baz": 2


If you'd like to contribute, please consider reading some helpful tips before making changes.


Created by Brian Chavez (twitter). Originally ported from the Java Driver by Josh Kuhn. Special thanks to the rest of the RethinkDB team (Josh, AtnNn, danielmewes, neumino, VeXocide) for answering ReQL protocol questions. Also, special thanks to Annie Ruygt for the wonderful GitHub banner!

A big thanks to GitHub and all contributors:

Music Wall

:musical_score: A small collection of videos that helped in the creation of this driver. =)

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the RethinkDb.Driver README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.