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  • v2.3.100

    • First batch of expired commercial licenses have been banned for use.
    • Issue #139 - New .RunUnsafeAsync run helper that runs a query on the server and returns the raw Response object in an unsafe way with minimal client-side processing. The unbridled use of this method can lead to memory leaks on both the client and server. Use with extreme caution. This method should only be used in well-understood and advanced scenarios.
    • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: .RunResult for Result (DML) type responses that correspond to inserts, deletes, updates has been renamed to .RunWrite. Please use the new method name instead. Note: The .RunResult<T> for T type responses will not be obsoleted. The reason for the former .RunResult method rename is to avoid confusion between .RunResult and .RunResult<T>. The obsoleted methods produce compiler warnings in this version. If no compiler warnings are produced, no changes are necessary. The obsolete methods will be removed in the next major RethinkDB driver release (2.4).
  • v2.3.24

    • 👍 Issue #138 - Better error handling in cursors.
    • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: Previously, when an error response was received during cursor enumeration a NotSupportedException was thrown. Issue #138 changes this behavior by throwing more detailed (and more specific) exception based on the response from the server. For example, the driver will throw a ReqlOpFailedError exception if a cursor change feed is interrupted behind a RethinkDB proxy instead of throwing a generic NotSupportedException.
  • v2.3.23

    • Issue #128 - NullReferenceException when executing query after failed reconnect.
    • 🏗 Renamed val parameters on Connection.Builder for better readability and IntelliSense.
  • v2.3.22

    • 🛠 Issue #125 - Fixed LINQ provider not using Newtonsoft.Json naming strategy.
    • ReGrid: Renamed bucket method DestroyAsync to PergeAsync to be consistent with non-async Purge call.
  • v2.3.20

    • ⬆️ Upgrade Newtonsoft dependency to v10.0.3.
    • Migration to .NET Standard 2.0.
  • v2.3.19

    • Issue 113: Allow client-side generation of ReGrid file ids.
  • v2.3.18

    • 🐎 Use some C# 7 features in AST composition for faster performance.
    • 🛠 Issue 112: Fixed NotSupportedException when connecting to an IPv6 address.
  • v2.3.17

    • 🏗 Move to Visual Studio 2017 RTM Build Tools
    • ⚡️ .NET Core Tooling and Framework Reference Update
    • 👍 ConnectionPool now supports SSL/TLS connections
  • v2.3.16

  • v2.3.15

    • 🛠 Issue 97 - Fixed OutOfMemoryException in rare cases with very large (~130MB) queries.