ScottPlot v4.0.38 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-07-08 // over 1 year ago
  • 📦 Published on NuGet on 2020-07-6

    • Improved Plot.PlotFillAboveBelow() rendering of data with a non-zero baseline (#477) Thanks @el-aasi
    • Added Plot.PlotWaterfall() for easy creation of waterfall-style bar plots (#463, #476) Thanks @Benny121221
    • Axis tick labels can be displayed using notations other than base 10 by supplying Plot.Ticks() with base and prefix arguments, allowing axes that display binary (e.g., 0b100110) or hexadecimal (eg., 0x4B0D10) tick labels (#469, #457) Thanks @Benny121221
    • Added options to PlotBar() to facilitate customization of text displayed above bars when showValue is enabled (#483) Thanks @WillemWever
    • 0️⃣ Plot objects are colored based on a pre-defined set of colors. The default colorset (category10) is the same palette of colors used by matplotlib. A new Colorset module has been created to better define this behavior, and Plot.Colorset() makes it easy to plot data using alternative colorsets. (#481)
    • Fixed a bug that caused instability when a population plot is zoomed-out so much that its fractional distribution curve is smaller than a single pixel (#480) Thanks @HowardWhile
    • Added Plot.Remove() method to make it easier to specifically remove an individual plottable after it has been plotted. Plot.Clear() is similar, but designed to remove classes of plot types rather than a specific plot object. (#479) Thanks @cstyx and @Resonanz
    • Signal plots can now be created with a defined minRenderIndex (in addition to the already-supported maxRenderIndex) to facilitate partial display of large arrays (#474) Thanks @Benny121221