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Programming language: C#
License: MIT License
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Latest version: v0.2.0

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Unit Conversion

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What is it?

An expansible .Net class library with support for all modern platforms

  • .Net Framework 4.0+
  • .Net Standard 1.3+ (.Net 4.5.1+ and .Net Core)

UnitConversion is designed to be expansible through factories or through concrete converter implementations.

Implementations are currently limited, but include:

Pull requests with custom implementations are welcome! Please have a look through the contributing guidelines and our code of conduct.


double kgValue;
double lbValue;

// Simple programmatic approach to conversion, using string `Synonyms`
var kgToLbs = new MassConverter("kg", "lbs");
kgValue = 452;
lbValue = kgToLbs.LeftToRight(kgValue);
Console.WriteLine("452kg in pounds is " + lbValue);

// Converting both ways is easy
kgValue = kgToLbs.RightToLeft(lbValue);
Console.WriteLine("Converted back: " + kgValue);

// Rounding is part of conversion
lbValue = kgToLbs.LeftToRight(kgValue, 2);
Console.WriteLine("452kg in pounds (to 2 decimal places) is " + lbValue);

// You can easily customise converters to support Synonyms used in
// business logic, such as those stored on a database
kgToLbs.AddSynonym("kg", "MTOW (KG)");

kgValue = 3000;
kgToLbs.UnitLeft = "MTOW (KG)";
lbValue = kgToLbs.LeftToRight(kgValue);
Console.WriteLine("3000 MTOW (KG) in lbs is " + lbValue);

// Add a new unit with a custom conversion factor
kgToLbs.AddUnit("Chuck Norris", 9001);
kgToLbs.UnitRight = "Chuck Norris";
kgValue = 7;
var chucks = kgToLbs.LeftToRight(kgValue);
Console.WriteLine("7kg is equal to " + lbValue + " chucks");

Converters are easy to define and contribute to:

public class DistanceConverter : BaseUnitConverter 
    UnitFactors units = new UnitFactors("m") 
        { new UnitFactorSynonyms("m", "metre"), 1 },
        { new UnitFactorSynonyms("km", "kilometre"), 0.001 },
        { new UnitFactorSynonyms("cm", "centimetre"), 100 },
        { new UnitFactorSynonyms("mm", "millimetre"), 1000 },
        { new UnitFactorSynonyms("ft", "foot", "feet"), 1250d / 381 },
        { new UnitFactorSynonyms("yd", "yard"), 1250d / 1143 },
        { "mile", 125d / 201168 }, // strings automatically cast to UnitFactorSynonyms
        { new UnitFactorSynonyms("in", "inch"), 5000d / 127 },

    public DistanceConverter(string leftUnit, string rightUnit) 
        Instantiate(units, leftUnit, rightUnit);
    public DistanceConverter() 

Current Maintainer

Previous maintainers

Many thanks to the original maintainers @Nick-Lucas and @gkampolis for all their hard work.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the UnitConversion README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.