There are a couple of reasons why you should use the white background when testing for dead or stuck pixels. First, it is much easier to spot them on a white background than on a black one (even though using a black background might seem like a good idea).

Second, some LCD panels have an anti-glare treatment. It is applied to help alleviate the "glare" effect on the screen. The matte finish does not allow light to reflect, which reduces glare and improves readability in brightly lit areas. However, the anti-glare coating also makes it more difficult to detect dead or stuck pixels. In fact, manufacturers even recommend using the white background when testing for dead pixels on matte LCD screens to make sure they're detected properly.

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White Screen

A white screen is used to identify the dead pixel that is not visible on the screen. It can be caused by dust, dirt, or other objects that are blocking the view of the pixel.

Purpose Of White Screen

Dead pixels, black dots or stuck pixels are byproducts of the manufacturing process, and they can appear on LCD screens in electronic devices. Sometimes these "defects" might not be visible on the screen at all (especially if they're white or black). Therefore, it is necessary to use totally white background in order to detect them.


Try this white screen on https://white-display.stackblitz.io/ OR https://whitescreen.website/ [white screen test](white-screen-test.png)