JavaScript Runtime (Similar to NodeJS) for .NET Standard, compiles JavaScript to IL, support for many ES6 features, generators, CommonJS modules, CSX modules and expression compiler.

Programming language: JavaScript
License: Apache License 2.0

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Yantra (Machine in Sanskrit) is a Managed JavaScript Engine for .NET Standard written complely in C#.


Name Package
YantraJS (With CSX Module Support) NuGet
YantraJS.Core (Compiler) NuGet
YantraJS.ExpressionCompiler (IL Compiler) NuGet
WebAtoms.YantraJS NuGet

Multi License

  1. Source code under this repository (except the git sub module for test262) is released under GNU LGPLv3 license. In order to build/distribute anything from this source code test262 should be omitted unless you obtain and comply license granted by owners of test262 library.
  2. Binaries on NuGet are released under same license.
  3. For different license, please contact us at support at neurospeech dot com.
  4. We will change license as this project grows and there is enough contribution from community.
  5. We are looking for sponsors to make this project available under MIT.


There are three kind of licenses available for YantraJS.Core, YantraJS and YantraJS.ExpressionCompiler. These licenses are available per Application.

  1. LGPL License
  2. YantraJS Standard License
  3. YantraJS Enteprise License

To purchase license, please visit YantraJS Web site


  1. Introduction
  2. Expression Compiler
  3. JavaScript Engine


We recommend using Github Discussion on this repository for any question regarding this product.

Special Thanks

  1. We are thankful to authors of Jurassic (we have incorporated number parser, promise and some unit tests from Jurassic.) https://github.com/paulbartrum/jurassic
  2. We are thankful to authors of EsprimaDotNet, we initially built prototype over EsprimaDotNet, but we chose to build our parser/scanner from scratch to support token spans. https://github.com/sebastienros/esprima-dotnet
  3. We are thankful to author of ILPack (we have incorporated saving IL to Assembly from this library.) https://github.com/Lokad/ILPack

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the YantraJS README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.