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Audio Switcher alternatives and similar packages

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  • NAudio

    Playback, decode and encode audio in a variety of file formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV, AIFF, Speex, etc.
  • CSCore

    An advanced audio library, supporting playback/recording, decoding/encoding and processing of audio data in realtime (effects, visualizations, ...).
  • TagLib#

    TagLib# (aka taglib-sharp) is a library for reading and writing metadata in media files, including video, audio, and photo formats
  • Xabe.FFmpeg

    .NET Standard wrapper for FFmpeg. It allows to process media without know how FFmpeg works, and can be used to pass customized arguments to FFmpeg from C# application. [$]

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Audio Switcher

.NET Library which facilitates interacting with Audio Devices on Windows


[Audio Api](AudioSwitcher.AudioApi)

An abstracted set of classes that can be extended to interact with any audio system. Is intended to be used across Windows/Windows RT/Windows Phone

[Core Audio Api](AudioSwitcher.AudioApi.CoreAudio)

The MMDeviceAPI integration layer. This is the low level COM library that it used to interact with Audio Devices on a PC running Windows Vista or later.

PowerShell Module

A powershell wrapper module over CoreAudioApi. Full documentation is in the [README](AudioSwitcher.PowerShell.CoreAudio/README.md).


Uses the Audio Api, and Jurassic to create a Javascript interpreter/engine. Enables the ability to query and alter audio devices using Javascript.

[Command Line Interface](Samples/AudioSwitcher.CLI)

A simple CLI over the Scripting Library, which processes Javascript files, and runs them against the current system. Full documentation is in the [README](Samples/AudioSwitcher.CLI/README.md).