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Up your coding game and discover issues early. SonarLint is a free plugin that helps you find & fix bugs and security issues from the moment you start writing code. Install from your favorite IDE marketplace today.


Build real-time apps (Blazor included) with less than 1% of extra code responsible for real-time updates. Host 10-1000x faster APIs relying on transparent and nearly 100% consistent caching. We call it DREAM, or Distributed REActive Memoization, and it's here to turn real-time on!
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Crowdin .NET client  

.NET client library for Crowdin API
Package Added by AndriiMosk into category API



Python for .NET is a package that gives Python programmers nearly seamless integration with the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) and provides a powerful application scripting tool for .NET developers.
Featured Package // Category Interoperability

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Javascript Interpreter for .NET
Featured Package // Category Misc

Device.Net Project Status

Article Popular Story // www.christianfindlay.com


WPF Ribbon control like in Office
Featured Package // Category GUI

Announcing .NET Community Toolkit v8.0.0

Update Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com

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Union Types in C#

Article Popular Story // event-driven.io


Bouncy Castle C# Distribution (Mirror)
Featured Package // Category Cryptography


Headless CMS and Content Managment Hub
Featured Package // Category CMS


A .NET MIME creation and parser library with support for S/MIME, PGP, DKIM, TNEF and Unix mbox spools.
Featured Package // Category Mail

Local .NET MAUI events happening around the world!

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A iOS and Android app to monitor the Views, Clones and Star history of your GitHub repos
Featured Package // Category Git Tools

The Best C# .NET Web Application Tech Stack: Deploying to Azure

Article Popular Story // michaelscodingspot.com


Stripe.net is a sync/async .NET 4.6.1+ client, and a portable class library for stripe.com.
Featured Package // Category E-Commerce and Payments


Cross platform HTTP server benchmark tool
Synced from the Github list // Category Code Analysis and Metrics


A light-weight REST Api framework for ASP.Net 6 that implements REPR (Request-Endpoint-Response) Pattern
Featured Package // Category HTTP


Effortless Microservice Design and Integration. This repository includes the code-base for the Warewolf Studio and Server.
Featured Package // Category Integration

Awesome .NET Weekly » 316

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Excel-DNA - Free and easy .NET for Excel. This repository contains the core Excel-DNA library.
Featured Package // Category Office


Lightweight message bus interface for .NET (pub/sub and request-response) with transport plugins for popular message brokers.
Synced from the Github list // Category Queue

Tortuga Chain

A fluent ORM for .NET
Featured Package // Category ORM

5 New C# 11 Features You Might Have Missed

Article Popular Story // dev.to


JavaScript Engine for .NET Standard Completely rewritten in C#
Featured Package // Category JavaScript Engines


Our flagship .NET Ethereum client for Linux, Windows, and macOS—full and actively developed
Featured Package // Category Blockchain