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AspectCore Framework v1.3.0

A new version of AspectCore Framework has been released
New Version


A unit-testing framework for all .Net languages
Featured Package // Category Testing

Aspect Injector

AOP framework for .NET (c#, vb, etc)
Package Added by LaborJos into category Assembly Manipulation

.NET Core and systemd | .NET Blog

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com

Serene vs ASP.NET MVC Boilerplate

Popular comparison
  • Serene - Serenity is an ASP.NET MVC application platform designed to simplify and shorten development of data-centric business applications with a service based architecture. Serene is a starter template to build Serenity applications.
  • ASP.NET MVC Boilerplate - A professional ASP.NET MVC template for building secure, fast, robust and adaptable web applications or sites. It provides the minimum amount of code required on top of the default MVC template provided by Microsoft.

New unit testing framework: JazSharp - Jasmine in C#

Library Popular Story // github.com


FAKE v5.16.0-alpha.1228

A new version of FAKE has been released
New Version

ماشین آلات ساختمانی

ماشین آلات ساختمانی
ماشین آلات صنعتی
Article Added by: botonsarmad // www.bms-ind.com

دستگاه بلوک زنی

دستگاه بلوک زنی
بلوک زن
دستگاه بلوک زنی اتوماتیک
Article Added by: botonsarmad // www.bms-ind.com


Binding business requirements to .Net code
Featured Package // Category Testing

Type System Fundamentals

Discusses the fundamentals of CLR's type system.
Article Added by: hadibrais // github.com

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Mapping Generator v1.10.276

A new version of Mapping Generator has been released
New Version


Light, simple and fast convention-based POCO ORM [Free for OSS] [$]
Featured Package // Category ORM

CefSharp v75.1.141

A new version of CefSharp has been released
New Version


The AWS SDK for .NET enables .NET developers to easily work with Amazon Web Services
Featured Package // Category SDK and API Clients

NUKE vs Cake

Popular comparison
  • NUKE - Build Automation System for C#/.NET
  • Cake - Cake (C# Make) is a cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL.

GraphQL for .NET vs Hot Chocolate

Popular comparison
  • GraphQL for .NET - GraphQL for .NET
  • Hot Chocolate - Hot Chocolate is a GraphQL server, written in C# for .Net Core and .Net Framework

Autofac v4.9.4

A new version of Autofac has been released
New Version

OpenCvSharp vs Emgu CV

Popular comparison
  • OpenCvSharp - Cross platform wrapper of OpenCV for .NET Framework.
  • Emgu CV - Cross-platform .NET wrapper for the OpenCV library.


A Git repository information aggregator with Windows Explorer & CLI-enhancements
Featured Package // Category Git Tools

.NET Debugging: 6 techniques you need in your arsenal

Article Popular Story // raygun.com

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  • .NET Core is sexy — Real-world Part 1: Command Line Application
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How Enumerable.Concat brought down a production server

Article Popular Story // programmaticallyspeaking.com

WexFlow v4.3

A new version of WexFlow has been released
New Version

NPOI vs EPPlus

Popular comparison
  • NPOI - This project is the .NET version of POI Java project at http://poi.apache.org/.
  • EPPlus - EPPlus is a .net library that reads and writes Excel 2007/2010 files using the Open Office Xml format (xlsx).


A fast, powerful, CommonMark compliant, extensible Markdown processor for .NET
Featured Package // Category Markdown Processors

.NET Framework 4.8 live

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com

LibGit2Sharp v0.26.1

A new version of LibGit2Sharp has been released
New Version