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Show a name and profile photo with .NET and Gravatar 🤵

Don't have a user profile photo or do you want a fallback before one is uploaded? In this post, I'll show you how to use Gravatar to achieve both.
Article Added by: ThomasArdal // blog.elmah.io

Fluent Assertions

Fluent API for asserting the results of unit tests that targets .NET Framework 4.5, 4.7, .NET Standard 1.3, 1.6 and 2.0. Supports the unit test frameworks MSTest, MSTest2, Gallio, NUnit, XUnit, MBunit, MSpec, and NSpec.
Featured Package // Category Testing


ASP.NET Core API Checklist

Article Popular Story // mazeez.dev


A set of enterprise-class UI components based on Bootstrap and Blazor
Featured Package // Category Blazor

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Discovering Machine Learning using ML.NET

Article Popular Story // youtu.be

Hot Chocolate

Welcome to the home of the Hot Chocolate GraphQL server for .NET, the Strawberry Shake GraphQL client for .NET and Banana Cake Pop the awesome Monaco based GraphQL IDE.
Featured Package // Category API

Running my .NET nanoFramework for 8 years on a battery

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com


Interactive Plotting Library for .NET
Featured Package // Category Graphics

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.NET Standard bindings for Google's TensorFlow for developing, training and deploying Machine Learning models in C# and F#.
Featured Package // Category Machine Learning and Data Science

Stripe.Net v39.53.0

A new version of Stripe.Net has been released
New Version

Fable: F# |> BABEL

F# to JavaScript Compiler
Featured Package // Category Compiler

Date, Time, and Time Zone Enhancements in .NET 6 | .NET Blog

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com

A Closer Look at 5 New Features in C# 10

Article Popular Story // medium.com

In the Jungle of .NET Obfuscator Tools

Article Popular Story // blog.ndepend.com


Throw in the towel.
Featured Package // Category Algorithms and Data structures

Last 30 Days

Fine Code Coverage

Visualize unit test code coverage easily for free in Visual Studio Community Edition (and other editions too)
Featured Package // Category Testing

Akka.net v1.4.21-beta1

A new version of Akka.net has been released
New Version

Virto Commerce

VirtoCommerce Platform repository
Featured Package // Category E-Commerce and Payments


A collection of 500+ analyzers, refactorings and fixes for C#, powered by Roslyn.
Featured Package // Category Visual Studio Plugins

Conversation about the .NET type system | .NET Blog

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com


A C# architecture test library to specify and assert architecture rules in C# for automated testing.
Featured Package // Category Testing

Awesome .NET Weekly » 256

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  • New LINQ extensions in .NET 6 and benchmarks
  • Event Driven Architecture for Real-Time UI
  • Introducing LibVLCSharp Commercial Licensing
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🏗 The AKEless Build System for C#/.NET
Featured Package // Category Build Automation