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Prism vs MVVMCross

Popular comparison
  • Prism - A cross-platform desktop and mobile MVVM development framework.
  • MVVMCross - Cross-platform mvvm mobile development framework for WPF, Silverlight for WP7 and WP8, Mono for Android, MonoTouch for iOS, Windows Universal projects (WPA8.1 and Windows 8.1 Store apps). Makes extensive use of Portable Class Libraries (PCL) to provide maintainable cross platform C# native applications.

Awesome .NET Newsletter » 213

Top Stories
  • Switch Expression introduced in C# 8: Switch Statement vs Expression Explained
  • How Raygun increased transactions per second by 44% by removing Nginx
  • .NET Foundation "State of the Union"
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.NET docs: What's new for July 2020

Article Popular Story // docs.microsoft.com

Getting Started: Apache Kafka + .NET

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com

Stride Game Engine

Stride Game Engine is a 2D/3D cross-platform game engine featuring a scene editor, particles, physically based rendering (PBR), scripting, and much more
Featured Package // Category Game


ClosedXML vs Open XML SDK

Popular comparison
  • ClosedXML - ClosedXML is a .NET library for reading, manipulating and writing Excel 2007+ (.xlsx, .xlsm) files
  • Open XML SDK - The Open XML SDK provides open-source libraries for working with Open XML Documents (DOCX, XLSX, and PPTX).


Extracts Exif, IPTC, XMP, ICC and other metadata from image files.
Featured Package // Category Image Processing

Last 7 Days

Announcing ImageSharp 1.0.0

Update Popular Story // sixlabors.com


Cross platform GUI framework for desktop and mobile applications in .NET and Mono
Featured Package // Category GUI

Developing with Azure Blob Storage

Article Popular Story // dev.to

Caliburn.Micro vs Prism

Popular comparison
  • Caliburn.Micro - A small, yet powerful framework, designed for building applications across all XAML platforms. Its strong support for MV* patterns will enable you to build your solution quickly, without the need to sacrifice code quality or testability.
  • Prism - A cross-platform desktop and mobile MVVM development framework.

Working efficiently with legacy database using Dapper

My maintainability tips for using Dapper with SqlServer
Article Added by: cezarypiatek // cezarypiatek.github.io

Flurl.Http vs RestSharp

Popular comparison
  • Flurl.Http - Fluent, portable, testable REST/HTTP client library
  • RestSharp - Simple REST and HTTP API Client for .NET


The Open Toolkit is an advanced, low-level C# library that wraps OpenGL, OpenCL and OpenAL
Featured Package // Category Graphics

Dapper vs LINQ to DB

Popular comparison
  • Dapper - A simple object mapper for .NET by StackExchange
  • LINQ to DB - The fastest LINQ database access library offering a simple, light, fast, and type-safe layer between your POCO objects and your database.


Lucene.Net is a port of the Lucene search engine library, written in C# and targeted at .NET runtime users
Featured Package // Category Search

ILSpy vs dotPeek

Popular comparison
  • ILSpy - ILSpy is the open-source .NET assembly browser and decompiler
  • dotPeek - Free-of-charge standalone tool based on ReSharper's bundled decompiler. It can reliably decompile any .NET assembly into equivalent C# or IL code. It can create Visual Studio solutions based on the original binary files in a straight-forward way. [Proprietary] [Free]


The fastest LINQ database access library offering a simple, light, fast, and type-safe layer between your POCO objects and your database.
Featured Package // Category ORM

ServiceStack Redis vs StackExchange Redis

Popular comparison
  • ServiceStack Redis - .NET's leading C# Redis Client
  • StackExchange Redis - General purpose redis client from StackExchange


A fast IoC container heavily optimized for usage within ASP.NET Core and other .NET server side applications.
Featured Package // Category IoC

Last 30 Days

Awesome .NET Newsletter » 212

Top Stories
  • Command and Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS) pattern
  • Official Support for Remote Debugging a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 from Visual Studio on Windows
  • XAML UI design in visual studio Blend
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.NET Foundation "State of the Union"

Article Popular Story // dotnetfoundation.org

MassTransit vs EasyNetQ

Popular comparison
  • MassTransit - MassTransit is lean service bus implementation for building loosely coupled applications using the .NET Framework.
  • EasyNetQ - An easy to use .NET API for RabbitMQ


Tools to surface C++ APIs to C#
Featured Package // Category Interoperability

Handling concurrency in an ASP.NET Core Web API with Dapper

A simple but effective approach for handling concurrency in an ASP.NET Core Web API endpoint, where the resource is persisted in a SQL Server database.
Article Added by: carlrip // www.carlrippon.com

Protocol Buffers

Protocol Buffers - Google's data interchange format
Package Added by jaodsilv into category Serialization

Keep your Code and Database in Sync

Article Popular Story // dev.to