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Fast and reliable multipart downloader with asynchronous progress events for .NET applications.
Featured Package // Category Tools



A dependency manager for .NET with support for NuGet packages and Git repositories.
Featured Package // Category Package Management

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  • HTTP/3 support in .NET 6
  • .NET 6 / C# 10 Top New Features Recap
  • 6 Essential Tools to Detect and Fix Performance Issues in .NET
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The cross-platform C# library to easily generate barcodes, including QR codes. The library allows application developers to add a variety of standard barcodes and QR codes using convenient API.
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.NET language playground
Featured Package // Category Code Snippets

.NET 6 / C# 10 Top New Features Recap

Article Popular Story // dotnetcoretutorials.com

Multi-tenant Architecture for SaaS

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


C#/.NET test automation framework for web
Featured Package // Category UI Automation


Simple, flexible, interactive & powerful charts, maps and gauges for .Net, LiveCharts2 can now practically run everywhere WPF, WinForms, Xamarin, Avalonia, WinUI, UWP.
Synced from the Github list // Category Graphics


Stripe.net is a sync/async .NET 4.6.1+ client, and a portable class library for stripe.com.
Featured Package // Category E-Commerce and Payments

Azure SaaS Development Kit (ASDK)

Article Popular Story // www.azuresaas.net

Azure Functions – Dev environment in 120 seconds

Article Popular Story // dev.to

6 Essential Tools to Detect and Fix Performance Issues in .NET

Article Popular Story // michaelscodingspot.com


Linq to database provider.
Featured Package // Category ORM

[EP 1] Creating an API - Code with me Asp.Net Core

Article Popular Story // youtu.be

Wrote an article on building a MS Teams bot to replace automated emails!

Article Popular Story // levelup.gitconnected.com


Apache Lucene.NET
Featured Package // Category Search

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.NET Client for Telegram Bot API
Featured Package // Category API

HTTP/3 support in .NET 6

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com


WPF Ribbon control like in Office
Featured Package // Category GUI

Awesome .NET Weekly » 271

Top Stories
  • Since there seems to be some confusion on this point, MS is recommending Razor Pages for new work
  • Minimal APIs at a glance in .NET 6
  • 5 (Extreme) Performance Tips in C# 🔥
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An FTP and FTPS client for .NET & .NET Standard, optimized for speed. Provides extensive FTP commands, File uploads/downloads, SSL/TLS connections, Automatic directory listing parsing, File hashing/checksums, File permissions/CHMOD, FTP proxies, FXP support, UTF-8 support, Async/await support, Powershell support and more. Written entirely in C#, with no external dependencies.
Featured Package // Category Protocols

Leaking Value Objects from your Domain

Article Popular Story // www.youtube.com


.NET standard bindings for DirectX, WIC, Direct2D1, XInput, XAudio and X3DAudio
Featured Package // Category DirectX

Debugging a .NET App on Linux from Windows Visual Studio with WSL

Article Popular Story // blog.ndepend.com


WireMock.Net is a flexible library for stubbing and mocking web HTTP responses using request matching and response templating. Based on the functionality from http://WireMock.org, but extended with more functionality.
Package Added by LuridSNK into category Testing

.NET MAUI Preview 8 was released - GA will be delayed to early Q2 2022

Article Popular Story // devblogs.microsoft.com