14 CLI packages and projects

  • Command Line Parser

    8.5 3.9 L4 C#
    The Command Line Parser Library offers to CLR applications a clean and concise API for manipulating command line arguments and related tasks
  • ReadLine

    4.8 7.3 L4 C#
    A GNU-Readline like library for .NET/.NET Core.
  • Fluent Command Line Parser

    4.7 0.4 L4 C#
    A simple, strongly typed .NET C# command line parser library using a fluent easy to use interface
  • Colorful.Console

    4.4 5.3 L4 C#
    Colorful console output.
  • Power Args

    4.4 5.7 L3 C#
    PowerArgs converts command line arguments into .NET objects that are easy to program against. It also provides a ton of optional capabilities such as argument validation, auto generated usage, tab completion, and plenty of extensibility
  • Console Framework

    4.2 0.0 L2 C#
    Cross-platform toolkit for easy development of TUI applications.
  • UnionArgParser

    3.7 4.4 F#
    Declarative CLI argument & XML configuration parser for F# applications.
  • Docopt

    3.4 0.0 C#
    Command-line interface description language that will make you smile.
  • EntryPoint

    2.4 7.4 L5 C#
    Composable CLI Argument Parser for .Net Core & .Net Framework 4.5+.
  • clipr

    2.3 5.1 L3 C#
    Command Line Interface ParseR for .Net
  • SharpNetSH

    1.8 3.1 C#
    A simple netsh library for C#.
  • Appccelerate - Command Line Parser

    1.4 0.0 L5 C#
    Command Line Parser
  • DarkXaHTeP.CommandLine

    0.9 8.5 C#
    Allows creating CommandLine applications using Microsoft.Extensions.CommandLineUtils together with DI, Configuration and Logging in a convenient way similar to AspNetCore Hosting
  • coptions

    0.9 8.5 C#
    The Best Command Line Options Parser for .Net

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