Awesome .NET is a community effort. The primary listings are based on the official Awesome .NET list at GitHub. New useful libraries and projects are added to the list almost every day. contains 1165 projects categorized into 114 different categories. Our end goal is to help developers find the software and libraries they need to get their job done.

If you wish to add a new library or a related open source project to this site, you have to open a pull request at the official repository.

At you can see the popularity and activity of all projects that have a known Git repository.

  • The popularity of every library is between 0 and 10, where 10 is the most popular library at "Awesome .NET" - Visual Studio Code. Then, if a library has a popularity of 9.0, it means that it is among the top 10% of the most popular projects, and 2.5, for example, means that a given library is more popular than 25% of the projects only.
  • The activity is measured between 0 and 10 again and is based on the number of commits. Recent commits have a higher weight than older commits. For example, a library with 10 commits made during the last week, would have higher activity than a library with 20 commits made 3 months ago. An "Activity" of zero means that there haven't been any commits for the last year.

A useful feature of is comparing libraries. When you open a library's page, you will see a list of all other projects from the same category at the bottom and a context "VS" link.

More over, you can browse the enhanced the changelogs of all projects.


Should you have any ideas for improvements, enquiry for partnerships or any other feedback, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected]. All feedback and ideas are more than welcome. Thanks!