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Fluent.Ribbon is a library that implements an Office-like user interface for the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). It provides controls such as RibbonTabControl, Backstage, Gallery, QuickAccessToolbar, ScreenTip and so on.

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  • [More Screenshots](../../wiki/Screenshots)


Visit the documentation.
Almost all features are shown in the showcase application.
The showcase application is included with every release, so you can just grab it from [releases](../../releases)
If you think there is something missing in the showcase application feel free to create an issue for that.

To be more familiar with the Ribbon concept see msdn article.

History & roadmap

A history of changes is maintained in the [Changelog](Changelog.md). The roadmap is done by [milestones](../../milestones).

If you feel lack of some important features feel free to use issues to create an issue/feature request.

Access to preview versions

You can access preview versions through the AppVeyor nuget feed.

What you can do to help us

  • We are accepting pull requests, so you are very welcome to create one
  • [Fix some bugs](../../issues)
  • Help us translating
  • Help us updating the documentation

Development requirements

Designer issues

If you have issues using the designer inside of Visual Studio you can try the following things:

  • Clear %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\VisualStudio\[VERSION]\Designer\ShadowCache or %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\WDExpress\[VERSION]\Designer\ShadowCache where [VERSION] has to be changed according to your version of Visual Studio
  • Clear the .vs folder in your development folder

If none of that helps feel free to report an issue here.

Formatting settings that have to be used

  • For general formatting you have to use editorconfig (should work out of the box with Visual Studio 2019)
  • XAML
    • Position each attribute on a separate line
    • Position first attribute on same line as start tag

Awesome tools which Fluent.Ribbon can use


[MIT License (MIT)](./License.txt)

This project was previously hosted on CodePlex.

*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the Fluent.Ribbon README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.