BrightstarDb v1.12 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-10-03 // about 5 years ago
  • 🚑 This release contains a couple of critical bug fixes and some minor enhancements. One API is extended with an optional parameter but there are no other API changes and no change to the store file format.

    🛠 FIX: Fix for a bug in the server-side query cache that could cause incorrect results to be returned from the cache. Thanks to jvdonk for the bug report and repro. (#252)

    🛠 FIX: Fix to the NuGet package dependency list to install the correct version of Newtonsoft.Json rather than depending on upstream dependencies. Thanks to jvdonk for the bug report. (#251)

    ✨ Enhancement: Added an optional parameter to the StartImport method to specify the format of the import file. (#236)

    ✨ Enhancement: Polaris now supports export in all supported RDF formats. (#219)

    ✨ Enhancement: Polaris import UI now supports starting multiple imports. Imports will run consecutively with progress shown in the import UI. (#214)

    ✨ Enhancement: The build process was updated to enable the compilation of NuGet packages from source without needing to build the docs or the Xamarin-specific libraries. (#250)