ExcelDna v1.1.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-06-29 // over 3 years ago
  • ↪ Excel-DNA version 1.1 implements workarounds for two recent changes in Excel behaviour:

    • ⚡️ RTD servers based on ExcelRtdServer, and streaming functions based on IExcelObservable stopped updating after recent (early 2020) Excel updates.
    • When loaded into an elevated Excel process (running As Administrator) the on-demand COM registration (used for ribbon and CTP loading) started failing (mid 2020).

    ⚡️ The update also introduces strong-naming of the Excel-DNA assemblies (thanks @augustoproiete).

    🚀 You can find a full list of changes included in this release is on the v1.1 milestone.

    🔖 Version 1.1 is intended to be the final version of Excel-DNA to support legacy .NET Framework (< 4.5) and Excel (< 2007) releases.

    Please ask questions and provide feedback via the Excel-DNA Google group.

Previous changes from v1.0.0

  • 🔖 Version 1.0 will be the final version to support legacy .NET Framework (< 4.0) and Excel (< 2007) releases.

    ⚡️ The update includes a number of bug fixes as well as improvements to the build-time Visual Studio integration:

    • 👌 Improve build tasks - more reliable clean-up and debugger detection
    • 👌 Improve RTD and async QueueAsMacro reliability
    • 👌 Improve install process of ExcelDna.AddIn NuGet package (now requires NuGet 2.5) (thanks to @caioproiete)
    • 🔄 Change how ExcelDnaUtil.Application works in Protected View - try harder but don't cache
    • Call UnhandledExceptionHandler for macros (ExcelCommands) too
    • ➕ Add XML schema for .dna file (thanks to @caioproiete)
    • ➕ Add option to pack .pdb files (thanks to @lanfeust69)
    • 🛠 Fix exception handling from native async functions (thanks to @ittegrat)