Glimpse v1.9.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-10-29 // almost 9 years ago
    • Glimpse.EF * - Featherweight release 1.6.5
      • Fix bug lead to cast exceptions on GlimpseDbConnection by loosen GetDbProviderManifestToken behaviour
    • Glimpse.Asp.Net - Featherweight release 1.9.2
      • Added support for AspNetSynchronizationContext.
      • Added support for Build Mode detection of assemblies in Environment tab.

Previous changes from v1.8.6

    • Glimpse.Core - Featherweight release 1.8.6
      • Add button which makes it easy to launch glimpse for service only sites
      • Improve how client renders for those using Zurb Foundation
    • Glimpse.AspNet - Featherweight release 1.9.1
      • Fix issue for ajax requests that are using "Bufferless input streams"
      • Show non-MvcRoute route types in route tab
    • Glimpse.WebForms - Featherweight release 1.1.1
      • Fix issue to make Glimpse checks if it is enabled in DataBoundControlAdapter
    • Glimpse.Ado - Featherweight release 1.7.2
      • Ensure ADO inspector does quotes AnsiString parameters in query output
      • Ensure that all parameters in CreateDbCommandDefinition are forwarded through
      • Prevent command sanitizer from replacing partial matches of parameters