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  • v5.0.0._SP2 Changes

    January 15, 2020

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    ⬆️ NCache 5.0 SP2 contains a few additional features and optimizations. There are also various bug fixes reported by customers. This is a recommended upgrade for all NCache Open source users.

    ✨ Enhancements and New Additions
    πŸš€ Following are some enhancements made in this release:

    πŸ†• New API
    πŸ”¨ NCache API has been refactored to make it simpler and easy to use by reducing the number of overloads to various methods. The new API is also using the latest features of C# and .NET Framework (Task Parallel Library, async methods, and generics).

    .Net Core Clients:
    🐧 NCache now provides a totally native .NET Core Client that can run on both Windows and Linux. On Windows, NCache .NET Core client is installed through a Windows Installer (.msi). However, on Linux a separate installation (.tar.gz) is provided.

    Publish/Subscribe (Pub/Sub) messaging paradigm is provided where a publisher sends messages into channels, without knowing who (if any) are the subscribers. And, Subscribers only receive message of their interest without knowing who the publishers are.

    Reliable Events
    All NCache events now internally use the more reliable NCache’s Pub/Sub framework.

    πŸ›  List of Bugs Fixed

    744170 FIX: Requests timeout to clients continue to run on servers, hence, causing high CPU and memory issues.
    744174 FIX: API logging is missing for a few locking related methods.
    744156 FIX: Specific cache id could not be started exception occurs on starting cache. Occurs rarely
    744158 FIX: Memory leak during state transfer.
    744160 FIX: An already locked object is being locked when item fetched using GetCacheItem.
    744161 FIX: Item is locked exception occurs on removing an item with correct lock handle.
    4162 FIX: A locked item could not be fetched when correct lockhandle is passed to Cache.Get() with acquireLock= false.

  • v4.6.0._SP3 Changes

    March 08, 2018

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    ⬆️ NCache 4.6 SP3 contains a few additional features and optimizations. There are also various bug fixes reported by customers. This is a recommended upgrade for all NCache Open source users.

    ✨ Enhancements and New Additions
    πŸš€ Following are some enhancements made in this release:

    Each Cache in Separate Process
    Each cache in NCache is now hosted in its own process which runs independent of all other caches. Management of this process is done via NCache service which has information about all the cache processes running on the machine.

    Data Reader
    🐎 Queries can now be executed on cache using data reader just like the databases do. Using data reader, result set can be retrieved from servers in multiple chunks of configurable size. This approach gives a better performance and uses less memory on client end.

    πŸ›  List of Bugs Fixed

    744152 FIX: Connection fail-over problem in replicated topology. Client only connected to single server node, if that server node down client was unable to connect to other server.
    744151 FIX: State transfer takes too much time.
    744150 FIX: Execute Reader call throws state transfer lost exception on node up or down.
    744149 FIX: Cache operations timeout if application is using thread pool extensively.
    744146 FIX: Bulk Calls return data from just one node in case of node down.
    744142 FIX: "Key already exists" exception is thrown when caching a Parsed Query.
    744139 FIX: A few commands are not automatically retried on failure.
    744130 FIX: Cache-all function for caching all queries is missing.
    744129 FIX: Cache host process is left un-killed between service restarts, hence resulting in multiple orphaned processes.
    744126 FIX: "Input string was not in a correct format" exception is thrown on service start for various locales.
    744115 FIX: Session locking is turned off by default.
    744114 FIX: Eviction is turned off by default.

  • v4.4.0 Changes

    January 08, 2015

    πŸš€ Download latest version (Windows installer)

    πŸ”‹ Features:

    • Cache CRUD operations
    • Bulk CRUD operations
    • πŸ”’ Lock/Unlock cached items
    • Item level event notifications
    • SQL & LINQ searching of the cache
    • Indexing data for faster SQL & LINQ search
    • Evictions
    • Absolute and sliding expirations
    • ASP.NET Session State Provider
    • ASP.NET View State Cache
    • Replicated Cache and Partitioned Cache topologies
    • Memcached Protocol Server (plug-in without any code change)
    • Memcached Wrapper for .NET (faster Memcached integration)
    • NHibernate Second Level Cache provider
    • πŸ“¦ NuGet Packages
    • βš™ Runs in Microsoft Azure, Amazon, and any other Cloud platform
  • v4.4.0._SP1 Changes

    November 17, 2015

    πŸš€ Download latest version (Windows installer)

    🐎 Memory and Performance Optimizations
    🐎 NCache 4.4 SP1 uses customized data structures which are enhanced to take up less memory and perform better that .NET’s native data structures. These data structures avoid allocations on Large Object Heap (LOH) as much as possible to prevent NCache processes from entering into a state of severe memory fragmentation. Hence, NCache 4.4 SP1 has a major boost for both memory and performance.

    Split-brain Monitoring
    Network partitioning or split-brain occurs when the cluster gets divided in such a way that some of the servers are unable to connect with the rest of servers. These instances are now logged into event viewer.

    🏁 Windows Server 2012 R2 Certification
    🏁 NCache 4.4 SP1 is certified for Windows Server 2012 R2. It has passed all Microsoft’s compatibility tests. Microsoft validated that NCache works in accordance with Microsoft’s standards.