Scrutor v3.2.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-02-06 // 2 months ago
    • Filter out classes with IsSpecialName, which should include display classes and other compiler-generated types. #108
    • ➕ Add new RegistrationStrategy.Throw that throws when encountering existing service registrations. #113

Previous changes from v3.1.0

  • 🛠 Some improvements and bugfixes:

    • 👀 AsSelfWithInterfaces no longer throws for open generic types. See #84
    • 👀 Multiple calls to As* methods no longer "forget" the lifetime scope to register. See #55 and #86.
    • 👀 Trying to decorate open generic services with an open generic decorator would previously result in an exception. These will now be skipped. See #95.